OST Viewer – An Absolute Free Tool to Recover Outlook Files

The First Step: What is an OST file?

It should be noticed that in the case of connection with a “Microsoft Exchange Server” account, every file you seek to find is on the server. We talk about letters, calendars, for example, you have an opportunity to do a local copy of the information by configuring “Outlook”. While creating this item has the name “.ost”, which is popular as an offline “Outlook Data File”. It helps people not to stop their work even if the connection with Exchange Server is not available. When the connection restarts, the OST file connects with the Exchange Server. Note, you can use this system without paying:

Free OST Viewer: for versions of *.ost files.

ost viewer tool
OST Viewer Tool

All About Unavailability:

When you create an “OST” file, an encryption key appears simultaneously, which helps you integrate the file with the completed profile. Also, it protects information from intrusion by an unauthorized profile. Even if this file’s host profile disappears, it is deleted, a person will lose the opportunity to work with it again. This way, the information can be used. Even if a person tries to open this file, the system will not allow it, and the user will see an error message before them. This message confirms that the file is entirely inaccessible once again.

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One of the main reasons is the problem of synchronizing the “OST files”. Synchronization with Exchange Server stops very often and it is quite a typical situation, which leads to a “breakdown” of the OST file. Other reasons include virus attacks and problems with the file size, which often leads to a situation when the OST file in Outlook becomes unavailable.

OST Viewer Review
OST Viewer

How Can I Open a File, Even if I Don’t Have Outlook on My Computer?

Above, we described situations where the system does not allow a person to use the OST file. However, there are many other cases where Outlook shows an error and does not allow you to open documents. What are the ways to avoid this?

First of all, you should not worry and get upset. It is possible to access the lost file. This feature persists even if the mentioned Outlook is missing from your system. In this case, a software called Recovery Toolbox for Outlook comes to the rescue. It allows you to read the files. Moreover, the program will enable you to work with these documents, even without Outlook. In this way, error solutions can be implemented. It’s just one thing in your hands, but it has rich functionality. We want to describe the fundamental functions of this software, and its advantages, with as much detail as possible:

What Can an OST Viewer Do?

  1. Among the basic features of this program, of course, working with OST files without using Outlook:

This tool works by itself, without being linked to any email client. It gives you a unique chance to work with “Outlook” data even if you haven’t installed this email client. The user cannot doubt its reliability and high performance since it is created using powerful unique algorithms. It allows you to work with it on any version of Windows without an email client.

  1. Absolutely free for every person:

You use the system on a completely free basis and all you have to do is download the “Recovery Toolbox for Outlook”. It should be noticed that you can use it to work even with the useless or even damaged OST files mentioned above when Outlook previously showed an error while opening.

  1. Research everything you need:

The program allows you to easily and quickly get acquainted with a variety of documents: emails, calendars, tasks. Moreover, the user also has access to deleted elements that can be opened by the OST Viewer system, and on a completely free basis. The attached elements, such as photos, images, and text documents, are also available for viewing.

Working of OST
OST Viewer Tool

There are also other useful features and advantages of this software. First of all, it should be noticed that it has a very comfortable and clear-cut format. In this way, a person can work with it very efficiently and without any third-party help or technical support. Below are some essential stages that should be followed to use the files:

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  1. First of all download the program.
  2. Next, open the application, research it in detail, and then start working.
  3. Then select the data you want to view.
  4. After that, continue by clicking the “Next” button.
  5. Select any of the suggested folders to see what is inside.
    Viewing ost files
    Viewing OST Files

As mentioned many times before, Free OST Viewer gives the user the ability to open and view OST files even if they don’t have Outlook on their computer. The Recovery Toolbox for Outlook gives a person another opportunity; it converts “OST to PST”. The twin tool wizard will appeal to those who regularly have errors while opening OST files due to unavailability. From time to time, synchronization problems occur because a person wants to connect an Exchange server mailbox to a “.ost” file inside Outlook.

To overcome these difficulties, you can install a wide variety of Outlook versions. In this case, the most challenging thing is that you need to complete all the steps without errors. Only in this case, the problem with the OST file will be resolved. However, many people note that they, unfortunately, lost the file when they did these steps, although they just wanted to eliminate the error. If you don’t want to face such a mess, we strongly recommend you to convert “OST2PST” by using a third-party tool. As for the issue of data archiving, it is better to do it in Outlook PST.

Outlook OST Viewer
Outlook OST Viewer

The public has seen a new OST2PST Converter recently. It is a convenient and useful tool that allows the user to view and move the OST file in Outlook. However, that is not all of the good news and benefits. The main task of the developers is to provide maximum convenience and simplify technical procedures for users. That is why the creators of the program give straightforward, comfortable, and error-free functionality. Besides, the user can get round-the-clock support in a unique system if it is necessary. Let’s take a closer look at the qualities and features of this tool.

  1. It works on a completely free basis. The user is free of some payments and taxes.
  2. It can function regardless of whether Outlook is installed or not. There are many elements with which a person can work. Of course, we can see letters here. Also, there are some tasks or information about our contacts.
  3. The user can work with “Orphan OST”.
  4. Among the program’s features, you can also select working with “ANSI OST” and “UNICODE OST” files on a completely free basis.
  5. The program allows you to read even encrypted or compressed documents.
  6. Functions for viewing OST mail include various files: images, photos, and documents. It runs on different versions of Windows.

OST2PST Converter with a rich interface and extensive features:

  1. An independent system that allows you to create elements from OST files in “Outlook PST”.
  2. It allows you to view the OST files before transferring the “OST to PST”.
  3. The user does not need to install Outlook on the computer to perform the OST2PST. You can even open and convert files that had errors, corruption, or lack of access.
  4. Here you can see that OST2PST Converter moves OST to popular MSG, EML.
  5. The user can choose the final way where the “Outlook PST” file will be saved. The naming convention to make OST 2 PST conversion is managed.

Let’s Summarize OST Viewer? Is it remarkable and useful:

Today users can fully work with OST files even if they don’t have Outlook on their computer. Moreover, they do not lose this ability even if the documents were damaged or had errors when opening them. All these things are possible, thanks to the OST Viewer. One of these software’s essential advantages is that it is entirely free (for example, Free OST Viewer). It is a tool with extremely rich functionality and features designed to eliminate the main difficulties in working with Outlook and Free OST View.

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