Skyrim Crash on Save and CTD on Save: Fixed Completely

Saving is one of the most important features that a person can utilize in Single Player games and it is as necessary as anything. However, quite recently, users have been reporting that their game is crashing when they save. Actually, this “Skyrim Crash on Save” issue is quite common and in this article, we will discuss some of the reasons due to which this might happen and also provide easy solutions to eliminate this issue entirely.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the game in discussion
Skyrim Cover

What Causes the Crash on Save in Skyrim?

After a thorough investigation, we came to the conclusion that the error is triggered mostly due to the following reasons:

  • Strings: Skyrim is famous primarily due to its vast modding community. This comes, unfortunately, with a terrible curse of huge string count that limits the functionality of the game. If you have a lot of mods running, the error might be triggered.
  • Glitched Save: The technical support for Skyrim is mostly from the unofficial modding community and the Game developers don’t release many updates. This is why the saving feature seems to get glitched for many people and it can’t be loaded manually. This seems to be a side-effect of immense modding and it also indicates the lack of official support for the game.

Once again, we have only narrowed down to these two reasons because they are the cause of the problem for the majority of people.


  1. Organize your mods and configure their load orders
  2. Make sure that the system isn’t being choked due to low resources.
  3. Remove some recently installed mods and check if it helps.
  4. Make sure that your hardware can support the number of mods that you are running.

Solution 1: Loading Old Save Game in Skyrim

What always seems to work for the users is to just load an older save game. You cannot get a corrupted savegame back and the progress stored in that savegame has been lost. In most cases, loading an older save game fixes the issue and the game starts to work properly. We recommend that during gameplay, always remember to perform a quicksave every now and then.

To show that we are loading an old save game in Skyrim
Loading an old Save Game

Also, we strongly suggest that you create a new savegame through the Pause Menu as soon as you get a chance.

Solution 2: Using Player Kill Command

What seems to be a common workaround for this predicament, players use the self kill command to trigger an auto-reload which seems to load the game up just fine. Below, we have listed the method to trigger an auto-reload.

    1. Press the “~” key below the “Esc” button on the keyboard.
      To show the location of the console key
      Selecting the Console Key


  • Type in the following command and press “Enter” to execute it.


  1. Wait for the game to be load and check to see if the issue persists.

Common Workaround:

You should also try to:

  1. Load the game that had the crashing bug in it.
  2. Use the “Player.kill” command as instructed above.
  3. Try to save and check if it works.

Solution 3: Tweaking “Skyrim.ini” File

As we know, Skyrim.ini file stores the basic user configurations and we can tweak it to make the game run better. We have done exactly that and we will also be showing you the method to do it.

  1. Navigate to the folder where the “Skyrim.ini” file is being stored.
    To Show the existence of the Skyrim.ini File
    Skyrim.ini File
  2. Edit it and change the specific code in it to the following configurations
    iMinMemoryPageSize = 1024
    iMaxMemoryPageSize = 3072
  3. This can also be achieved through the console but this method is much easier.

You May Contact Us Here. Also, if your issue is persistent, you can go through the support forum here.

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