Fortnite Error 0: A Complete Guide to Fix the Error in Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the scene right now and its popularity which seemed to be fading away was recently recaptured by the team at Epic due to a spectacular Launch Event of its next chapter. Quite recently, the game has started to regain its place among the most popular games and the mechanics and glitches seemed to have lessened. However, there is still trouble in paradise as recent reports from users state that they are encountering “Error 0” in Fortnite and it is preventing them from being able to play the game. An Error message “A Problem Occurred, Please restart your client. Error 0” is shown while trying to play the game.

" To Display the "A Problem Occurred, Please restart your client. Error 0" Error on Fortnite
“A Problem Occurred, Please restart your client. Error 0” on Fortnite

What to do if you get the Error 0 on Fortnite?

Our reports suggest that the Error is triggered due to the following reasons:

  • Driver Issue: This issue can often relate to an issue with a driver or some broken item in the registry. Actually most games require all things to be in order with the registry to work properly.
  • Game Files: It is also possible that some game files might be missing or replaced due to which the error is being shown. It is very important for the game to work properly that all the files are in order and have been verified by the Epic Games Launcher.

Pre Tips:

Before we move forward with the solution you should try some basic troubleshooting tips.

  • Restart your PC
  • Disable your Anti-virus
  • Disable your Anti-Malware
  • Try a Different Internet Connection

Method 1: Initiating SFC Scan

An SFC scan fixes any issues with the drivers or broken registry items. Thus, in this step, we will be using Command Prompt to initiate an SFC scan and then check if it gets rid of the error.

  1. On your computer, press “Windows” + “R” buttons simultaneously to open the Run prompt.
  2. Type in “cmd”, press “Shift” + “Ctrl” + “Enter” and click on “Yes” to provide administrative privileges to the prompt.
    To Show the opening of command prompt which is a step towards solving the Fortnite Error 0
    Opening Command Prompt in administrative mode
  3. Type in the following command and press “Enter”.
    sfc /scannow
  4. Wait for the process to complete and check if it fixes the issue with the game.

Method 2: Verify Game Integrity

Verifying Game Files can always nudge the game in the right direction and rectify the error. Therefore, we will be configuring the launcher to check, verify and replace missing files.

  1. Open Epic Games Launcher and click on the “Library” button.
    To open Library which contains Fortnite
    Selecting the “Library” button
  2. Select the “Settings” icon inside the Fortnite button, after that, select “Verify” and wait for the process to be complete.
    Show the user how to verify the Fortnite Game files
    Clicking on the “Verify” button
  3. Check and see if the issue has been solved.

If you have further questions regarding this issue, contact us. You can also try to contact the Fortnite support.

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