Fixing the Vudu Playback Error [Complete Guide]

Vudu has acquired a very large fanbase in the US by offering the best home streaming experience of digital movies in HD. Not only this but Vudu is also the official movie and TV store on Roku, the world’s leading streaming device and Smart TV OS platform. Despite offering superb services Vudu still has some bugs that’ve been reported by several users and among them is the Vudu playback error that’ll be addressed in today’s article.

Vudu Playback Error

What causes the Vudu Playback Error on Xbox?

Before indexing the methods that might be helpful in fixing this error we’ve mentioned the reasons behind the occurrence of this error.

  • Outdated Vudu Application: There is a possibility that the older version of Vudu’s application might be the reason behind the playback error hence update your application according to the method provided below in order to get rid of this error.
  • Slow Internet Connection: Sometimes your internet connection might be the reason behind this issue therefore it is suggested to power cycle your router in order to get rectify this error.
  • Outdated Graphics Driver: The outdated graphics driver might be causing this error hence download the latest version of your graphics driver from the official website and install it on your system to get rid of this issue.

Now that we have taken you through most of the reasons behind its occurrence, we can finally start implementing the solutions.

How to rectify Vudu playback error chrome completely:

Solution 1: Perform A Power Cycle

A simple and basic fix to get through this error easily is to perform a power cycle of your device and network both. For your device simply switch it “OFF” or unplug it from the power source for a few minutes, afterward reconnect it back. For your router take out the power adapter from the power socket and let it shut down completely. Also, try changing the position of your router and bring it closer to the device for stronger network signals. Then insert the power cable of the router back and switch it “ON”.

Solution 2: Switch to Google’s DNS

A lot many times it happens that the DNS of the internet service providers can have certain issues with some of the specific devices. So, in order to resolve this issue try switching the Google DNS server address. In order to do so proceed with the steps below:

  1. Press the “Windows + R” keys together to open up the Run prompt, here type in “Control Panel” in the search dialog box, and hit the “Enter” key.
    Typing in Control Panel
    Typing in Control Panel
  2. In the Control Panel window select “Network & Internet -> Network & Sharing Center -> Change Adapter Settings” respectively.
    Change adapter settings to fix Vudu Playback Error
    Change adapter settings
  3. In the pop-up Network Connections window right-click on the connection you want to configure for Google Public DNS and select “Properties” from the drop-up menu.
  4. Next, double-click on the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4 )” and select the “Use the following DNS Addresses” option.
  5. Then enter the Preferred DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server as “” and “” respectively.

Solution 3: Deleting Channel

Another potential fix that you can try is to delete the channel first and then add it back in as it worked quite effectively in the case of most users. If this doesn’t work as well then move on to the next solution.

Solution 4: Reinstall the Vudu App

If you are streaming the content through the Vudu application and you came across Vudu playback error Xbox then you can simply try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Vudu application again. A simple reinstall can help in reconfiguration and can solve the error instantly.

Solution 5: Switch The Browser

A lot many users reported that while contacting customer support they were firstly advised to switch their browsers and this proved to be effective in eradicating the error completely. If you are watching any sort of movie or TV show on your default browser just try switching to some other option from the list of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.

Solution 6: Check Your Internet Speed

Checking your network connection speed is also vital to resolving this error, in order to check your internet speed hop onto your browser and here check for a speed test tool. Then proceed with the on-screen instructions in order to obtain your results. If the network’s speed comes out to be relatively slower then you need to switch to a faster and more reliable internet connection.

Solution 7: Update the Vudu App Version

Some online users recommended that updating the Vudu app version helped them fix the error, so if you are on the Vudu app version “7.4.4.r005” try updating to “7.4.5.r002”. You simply need to check for an update in the Google Play Store and if available quickly download and run the latest version on your device.

Solution 8: Switch From Vudu App To Web Browser

If you are watching content using the Vudu app just try switching to a Web browser and watch your favorite shows there. Go to “”, view the page in “Desktop Mode” and then watch the content on the Web browser.

Solution 9: Check Device Compatibility

At particular times this error arose just because the device on which the user was streaming wasn’t compatible with the Vudu app just like the Amazon Fire tablets. So, it is necessary that one checks for the device compatibility first before troubleshooting it further.

Solution 10: Update Android WebView

Install Android WebView on your device first if it isn’t present already, if it does then update it to the latest version as updating Android WebView to the “89.0.4389.105” version helped a couple of users solve the problem. Search for an update in the Play Store first and if not found then try searching for it directly on your Web browser.

Solution 11: Perform A Factory Reset On Smart TV

If none of the solutions proves to be effective try factory resetting your Smart TV, for this follow the steps as mentioned below:

Factory Reset Using TV Menu:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on your TV remote and from the pop-up list click to select “System”.
  2. In the System, menu click on the “Reset and Admin” option and afterwards click on the “Reset To Factory Settings” option.
    Reset TV to fix Vudu Playback Error
    Reset TV
  3. Wait for the process to get completed and then see if the error persists or not.

Factory Reset Using TV Buttons:

  1. Your TV remote has “Four” buttons on its side, the buttons on the bottom are for “Input” and “Volume Down”. Press the “Input and Volume Down” buttons together for around 5-10 seconds until you see a “Bar” on the top of your TV screen.
  2. Now press the “Input” button only for 5 seconds until your TV screen goes “Blank”.
  3. Lastly, power “ON” your TV and follow the on-screen instructions to set everything up.

Solution 12: Close Extra Tabs In Browser

Some users also pointed out that this error appeared when two consecutive windows i.e. one for Vudu and the other for Netflix were opened in the same browser despite the video not being played on the latter one. This occurs due to the HDCP issue and got removed completely when the Netflix tab was closed. So, if you are in a similar situation try closing all of the excessive tabs other than Vudu.

Solution 13: Update Graphic Card Drivers

Some of the users tried updating their graphic card drivers as well as several other drivers as a fix for this error and it potentially worked for them pretty well. So, you should as well consider updating all of the drivers, afterwards Restart the machine and then check if you got rid of the error.

Solutions For Xbox Users:

Solution 1: Perform A Hard Reset

If you are streaming the movies or shows on your Xbox and you get to encounter this error then you should try hard resetting your Xbox by following these steps:

  1. Press the “Xbox” button to open the guide.
  2. Then select “Settings > Restart Console” respectively.
  3. Click “Yes” to confirm, once it’s over then check to see if the Vudu Playback Error error disappears now.

Solution 2: Clear the Cache

Resetting the Xbox cache can help improve the overall functionality of your Xbox and will also help you get rid of this error as well. In order to clear the Xbox One cache to proceed as below:

  1. Press the “Power” button on your console in order to turn your Xbox completely “OFF”.
  2. When the Xbox goes completely OFF unplug/detach the “Power Cable” from the back of the console and remove it from the wall socket as well.
    Plugging out the power cable
    Plugging out the power cable
  3. After a while “Reconnect” back the power cord to Xbox One console and electrical socket as well.
  4. Now, wait for a few minutes until the “White Light” appears on your Xbox console, when it turns orange turn “ON” your Xbox One.
  5. Your Xbox cache will now be cleared therefore, check to see if the Vudu playback error chrome error got resolved.

Solution 3: Deregister The Xbox

Try deregistering your Xbox from the application, delete everything and then download and reregister everything from scratch. This has also helped a number of users get rid of the Vudu Playback Error.

Solution 4: Reset Your Console

Try resetting your Xbox to factory defaults as it will reset all your settings and configurations which might have discrepancies earlier thus causing issues. Proceed as below:

  1. Press the “Xbox” button on your controller, then select “System -> Settings” respectively.
  2. Choose “System” and then click on “Console info”.
  3. Select “Reset console” from the options on the left and then choose “Reset and keep my games & apps”.
  4. Wait for a while until the process gets completed and then check if you got rid of the Vudu Playback Error.

Solution 5: Contact Vudu Helpline

If the error persists despite following all of the solutions above then the last option available to you is to contact the Vudu helpline and let them know all the relevant details regarding the error. They will surely provide you with the necessary information and a possible way out in order to rectify the error completely.

Implement the above-listed solutions in order to get rid of this error and in case you have any more queries in this regard feel free to Contact Us.

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