Fix: Canon Printer Error 6800 [Complete Guide]

Quite recently, a lot of reports have been coming in from users about the Canon Printer Error 6800 which prevents them from being able to print and use the printer. Therefore, we have compiled this thorough guide to help you completely address this problem by deploying the relevant solutions.

Canon Error 6800
Canon Error 6800

Make sure to also read through the reasons due to which this error occurs in the first place to better understand why the relevant solution is being deployed. Make sure to follow the steps accurately and read through the whole guide to ensure complete eradication of the error message.

What Causes Canon Printer Error 6800?

After going through some basic troubleshooting techniques, we concluded that the following are some of the most important reasons behind the occurrence of this error.

  • General Glitch: The Error 6800 can sometimes occur due to a general glitch that prevents the printer from being able to load its configurations properly. Therefore, sometimes a simple restart as indicated in the methods below can fix this issue,
  • Debris: It is possible that over time some debris has built up inside the printer which is preventing it from being able to properly move its mechanical parts and this error is showing up while trying to print. Therefore, cleaning the printer thoroughly as mentioned in the solution below can get rid of this particular hurdle for you.

Now that you have been made familiar with most of the reasons behind its occurrence, it’s time that we deploy solutions to fix the Error 6800 on Canon printers.

Fixing the canon printer error 6800:

Solution 1: Restart The Printer

  1. At first, press and hold the power button for 3-4 seconds of the printer to turn it “OFF”.
  2. Then unplug the printer’s power source and wait for almost three to four minutes.
  3. When the waiting period is over, plug in the power source back and turn “ON” your printer.
  4. Try using the printer now to see whether the error 6800 gets resolved.

Solution 2: Reset The Printer

  1. Start with restarting your printer as described in “Solution 1”.
  2. After that, select the “General Tools Software” option.
  3. Then look for the USB port and now choose “Set Destination 1” to complete the Resetting procedure.
  4. Lastly, plug in your printer again to check whether the canon printer error 6800 settles.

Solution 3: Reset The Printer (Alternate Method)

  1. Turn “ON” your printer by plugging in the power source.
  2. After that, hold the “Reset/Stop” button for almost seven to nine seconds.
  3. Now don’t release the Reset button and simultaneously press-hold the button, used for making a copy, for around five to six seconds.
  4. Then release the button used to make copies first and then the reset/stop button.
  5. The reset of the printer is complete now and try using the printer again.

Solution 4: Use The Repairing Tool

  1. To use a repairing tool, first, you need to download it, if not downloaded already.
  2. Copy-paste the following link in your browser and download the software on your system:
  3. Once the download is complete, install the program by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. Now open the software and click on the “Scan” option. Hold on for a few seconds until the scan finishes.
  5. Once the scan is completed and errors are displayed on the screen, click on the “Fix Errors” option.
  6. Finally, restart your PC and printer and see whether the canon 6800 printer issue is rectified.

Solution 5: Unplug and Clean The Printer

  1. Open the printer’s cover and look for any unnecessary object line paper pin or dirt.
  2. If you find anything unnecessary or any foreign object, just remove it, and after that, remove the cartridge.
    Remove ink catridges to fix error 6800
    Removing ink Cartridges
  3. Now remove ink cartridges from the print head, take a cotton piece and dip it in hot water.
  4. Clean every ink cartridge and the print head and now place the clean cartridges and print head aside for a while and let them dry.
    Clean Ink Catridges
    Clean Ink Cartridges
  5. Once dried, replace all the components back to their original positions and close the cover.
  6. Turn “ON” the printer and see if the error: 6800 got fixed.

Solution 6: Replace The Logic Board

This type of error usually occurs when a fault arises in the logic board. If it is so then this issue can be fixed by replacing the faulty logic board with a new one. This type of fix usually can’t be carried out at home so taking the printer for service is the best option.

Solution 7: Contact Canon Service Center

There is a huge possibility that the printer might be damaged internally or software may get corrupted. In order to resolve this, contact your nearest “Canon Service Center” and request a repair for your printer.

Solution 8: Claim The Warranty

Most of the canon printers come with a warranty for almost one year. If the printer is not damaged externally or is not opened up, then you have the right to claim a warranty. In order to claim a warranty, one must have proof of purchase through which one is entitled to service or replacement. Also if you have exceeded the warranty period, you can still apply for the “Canon Upgrade Program” in which you replace your old or malfunctioned printer with a new one.

Any of the above fixes can successfully resolve this error but for any further assistance Contact Us here.

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