Fixing the Error 0x80300024 While Installing Windows [Easy Instructions]

If you have been trying to install or reinstall Windows on your computer and have run into the 0x80300024 error, you are not alone. This issue is faced by a lot of users and we have compiled all the different methods, solutions and workarounds that you can implement to completely get rid of it on your computer. In addition to that, we have listed the reasons due to which the issue is triggered in the first place.

Error 0x80300024

Why is the We Couldn’t Install Windows in the Location you Chose 0x80300024 Issue Triggered on your Computer?

Once we got wind of it, we investigated the issue in detail and had to conclude that the following must be the most primary reasons due to which it is triggered.

  • Too Many Hard Drives: One of the reasons that the 0x80300024 error can occur, is that there might be too many hard drives connected to the computer. This is because the Windows installation setup can sometimes get confused between the Hard Drives and this can end up halting the installation process.
  • Boot Order: The Boot Order of the Hard Drives, if not set properly, can cause this issue to occur while trying to install Windows on your computer. Therefore, to fix the error, we strongly suggest that you set up the boot order properly as we have mentioned below.
  • Damaged Drive: If the Hard Drive on which you are trying to install the Windows has been damaged, the 0x80300024 error will be seen while going through the installation process. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you try to repair this damaged drive and then check to see if the issue is fixed by doing so.

Now that you have been taken through most of the reasons behind it, we can finally start implementing the solutions to fix the 0x80300024 error.

Before you Begin:

Before you begin make sure all your connections are well in place and make sure your SATA cable does not have any breaks. Also, make sure that you are using a perfectly fine USB thumb drive for the installation of Windows.

How to fix the 0x80300024 error on Windows:

Solution 1: Remove Unnecessary Hard Drives

If you have more than one hard drive connected to your system, you can try disconnecting the extra hard drive because it might be interfering with the Windows installation process. For example, if you’ve connected an external hard drive, unplug it, and once the Windows installation process is complete then connect the other hard drive.

Solution 2: Try another USB Port

There are many ways of installing Windows on a system and if you’re trying to install Windows from a bootable USB, you can try connecting the USB to another port on your computer. We would recommend you use the USB ports on the back of your MOBO instead of your case ports. You can also try switching between USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports and check whether it helps in resolving the error 0x80300024.

Solution 3: Change Boot Order

On every startup, the computer boots the Operating System from the boot order that is already configured in BIOS. While installing Windows through an installation media you have to change the boot order therefore follow the steps below to give priority to the drive through which you’re trying to install Windows:

  1. Restart your computer and press the BIOS key displayed on the first boot screen, these keys are usually “F10, F2, or ESC”.
  2. In the BIOS menu navigate to the “Boot” tab using the arrow keys on your keyboard, in the Boot tab select the “Boot configuration” and set the hard drive on which the Windows is to be installed to the top location.
    Select Boot Option
    Select Boot Option
  3. Also while in the Boot menu make sure “UEFI” is selected in the “UEFI/BIOS Boot Mode” category and once done press the “F10” key to save all changes and exit the BIOS menu.

Note: You can switch to other Boot Modes according to your Hardware, make sure to switch among other Boot Options to check which works best for you.

Solution 4: Format the HardDrive Before Installation Of Windows

It is recommended to format the hard drive before installing Windows on it because sometimes already present data on it can interfere with the fresh Windows installation and hence result in glitches. Follow the steps indexed beneath to try formatting the hard drive and create a new partition for a fresh Windows Installation:

  1. Insert the Bootable installation media into your computer and restart it. Select a “Language” and then click on the “Next” button.
    Select Language to fix error 0x80300024
    Select Language, Edition, and Architecture
  2. Select the “Custom” option when you’re asked what kind of Windows installation you want, then select the Windows drive partition, and then click on “Drive Options (advanced)”.
    Click on Drive Options
    Clicking on Drive Options
  3. Now select the “Format” option and wait for the formatting process to complete, once formatted click “Next” to start the install Windows installation process.
  4. If it does not work you can then select the “Delete” option and it will delete the partition. Once deleted select the Drive Partition again and then click on “New”.
  5. The Drive space will already be set to max hence create a new partition and start installing Windows.

Note: Make sure that the Partition has more than “20GB” of Free Space.

Solution 5: Using the DiskPart Tool

DiskPart is a command-line tool designed to manage drives, partitions, volumes, and virtual disks using Command Prompt, which usually works better than other Windows 10 tools, such as Disk Management and the File Explorer Format feature. Hence, we’ll be trying the DiskPart tool in this solution to address the issue:

  1. Identify the Drive and Partition number from the Windows installation menu and once noted down press the “Shift + F10” keys simultaneously to open up DiskPart.
  2. In the Command Prompt window type in “list disk” to show up all the drives, select the drive by typing in “Select Disk 1 (1 is the number of the drive, yours can differ)”.
    Typing diskpart command
    Typing List Disk Command
  3. Once selected type in “Clean” and wait for the process to complete. Once cleaned try to Install Windows again and hopefully, error 0x80300024 would be rectified.

Solution 6: Install Ubuntu

Some users got around this error by installing Ubuntu on their hard drives and afterwards, they deleted the Ubuntu OS and ran the Windows Installation setup. It is a very reliable operating system in comparison to Windows 10 and in Ubuntu, Browsing is faster than Windows 10. Updates are very easy in Ubuntu while in Windows 10 for the update every time you have to install the Java. Therefore, it suggested to download Ubuntu from here, and afterwards delete the Ubuntu OS and proceed with the Windows Installation.

Solution 7: Replace Hard Drive

If none of the solutions work, in the end, try connecting the hard drive to another computer to check if it’s working fine. If the Hard drive still has an issue then it’s time to get a new hard drive as this one might be dying.

Hopefully, the error 0x80300024 might have gone by now but if you need further assistance, Contact Us.

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