How to Fix You Can’t Use Facebook Right Now Error [Complete Guide]

Some users on Facebook have been getting the “You can’t Use Facebook right now We’re Reviewing the photo you sent us” error and it prevents them from being able to use the social media platform. In this article, we have compiled some fixes that will help you circumvent this issue by eradicating it completely.

you can't use facebook right now we're currently reviewing your submission.
You can’t use Facebook right now we’re currently reviewing your submission.

Make sure to read through the reasons due to which this issue occurs in the first place and also remember to try each solution one by one and check which one fixes the error message.

What Causes the “You can’t use Facebook right now” Error?

After going through some troubleshooting techniques commonly used to fix this issue, we concluded that the following are some of the most important reasons due to which this issue occurs.

  • Incorrect Credentials: Sometimes, if you have set incorrect credentials for your Facebook account, you might be getting the ‘You can’t use Facebook right now’ error. Therefore, we recommend that you try and use proper credentials and then check to see if you are able to fix this issue.
  • Spamming: If you have spammed your Facebook wall with suspicious content or if Facebook suspects that you have, you will get this error while trying to use the social media service. Therefore, we recommend that you try and refrain from spamming and if someone else has got access to your account, reach out to Facebook support.
  • Password Misconfiguration: It is also possible that the password and credentials have been incorrectly provided during login due to which you are unable to use your Facebook account and are getting the “You can’t use Facebook right now” error.

Now that you have been made familiar with most of the reasons behind this issue, we can finally move on towards implementing the fixes.

Before You Start:

Just when you encounter this error on Facebook hold on for a couple of days before carrying out the below-indexed fixes. There is a great probability that your account may have got suspended by mistake or someone out there on Facebook might have reported your account for several reasons and therefore you are unable to login to your ID.

In such a case you just have to wait for a while until the issue vanishes by itself or in the other case you might get a warning from the Facebook team itself. This will lead you to the recovery of your account in almost a couple of weeks and if this doesn’t work for you then try to reinstall the Facebook application on your device.

How to fix you can’t use Facebook right now issue:

Solution 1: Provide Your Authentic Credentials On Facebook

Sometimes it may also occur that your account can get disabled if you have provided fake credentials on Facebook just like Username, Contact number, etc. It contradicts the Facebook Security Policy and they have the complete authority to suspend your account permanently for this. If you think that you had violated Facebook rules and policies and therefore your account got disabled you can fill this form by providing all the error screenshots and additional info to help settle this problem otherwise you can also follow up on this link too.

Pro-Tip: Keep in mind that you have a time span of only two weeks to carry out this or otherwise your account will be suspended permanently. Therefore, it’s quite necessary that you always sign up with your real name and DOB to avoid getting caught in this issue.

Provide accurate credentials
Provide Accurate Credentials

Solution 2: Contact Facebook Help Center

To help get your problem fixed you can try to connect with the Facebook Help Center as they frequently answer most of the asked questions by the users there. You just need to provide detailed specifications of your problem in the dialog box and they will look to resolve your issue permanently. Furthermore, if you are waiting for a page to load and this error pops up in between then you should try reloading the page which can fix your problem easily.

Solution 3: Reconfigure Your Password

Changing your account’s password can also help to rectify this error as it happens quite frequently that someone else tries to log in to your account and therefore Facebook needs to verify your identity. After re-configuring your Facebook password most probably you can’t use Facebook right now problem would be suspended.

Change Password to fix you can't use facebook right now issue
Re-Configure Your Password

Solution 4: Avoid Spamming your Facebook Wall

This error may also appear when a person keeps spamming his Facebook wall by sharing numerous amount of posts every day. In order to resolve this, the user should avoid sharing/posting a lot of content on his/her Facebook wall on daily basis.

Solution 5: Upload A Clear Picture Of Yourself

If Facebook evokes you frequently to upload a picture of yourself for verification purposes then make sure to provide a clear picture with an apt background or else your account may get suspended. Uploading your photo with a clear background whenever you are prompted to do so can help eradicate this error.

Upload a Clear Picture
Uploading a Clear Picture

Most probably you would’ve got rid of you can’t use Facebook right now we’re reviewing the photo you sent us issue but if you still have any confusion feel free to Contact Us.

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