Amazon FireStick Keeps Restarting [Fixed Completely]

Fire TV Stick is a home entertainment device, that provides the user with easy access to their favourite Tv shows, movies, and subscription services. However, sometimes when a user is enjoying a movie or a TV show the fire sticks reboots automatically and furthermore, the Firestick keeps restarting repeatedly. This constant rebooting of the device is without a doubt an annoyance to the user and in this post, we have addressed and fixed this issue with some easy solutions.

Firestick keeps restarting
Firestick keeps restarting

Why is your Firestick Restarting Constantly?

There can be a lot of reasons behind the constant reboots by Firestick but some of the most prominent ones are listed below:

  1. Usage of nonofficial accessories can trigger multiple reboots on the device in some cases.
  2. The presence of any heating element near the device can cause interference with the device’s internal components and cause a restart.
  3. Too many apps installed on your television can hinder the functionality of Firestick and trigger reboots.
  4. Damage in the logical file system can also prevent the normal function of the device and cause it to reboot constantly.


If you are facing the dilemma of repeated reboots on your Fire Stick TV, the first thing to do is to follow the steps stated below for some basic troubleshooting:

  1. Remove the firestick device from your television.
  2. Switch off the television and restart it after a few seconds.
  3. Insert the firestick device back into the television and wait until it is reconnected to the television.
  4. After the connection of firestick and television is established, restart the firestick and check to see if the issue persists.

Taking a fresh start can in most cases fix this problem by refreshing important components of the device.

What can you do if your Firestick keeps Restarting Constantly?

Solution 1: Update The Firestick.

This constant restating of the firestick can also be caused by a small bug. As we know that the firestick works best with the latest version of the software pushed by Amazon, therefore, it is required to update it regularly. In order to do that, perform the steps stated as follows.

  1. Go to the settings from the firestick’s main window.
    Select settings
    Select settings
  2. A menu will appear, select my fire tv from the menu.
    My fire tv
    My fire tv
  3. Select About from my fire tv list.
    Check for updates to fix the Firestick Keeps Restarting issue
    Check for updates
  4. Select System Update and check if any updates are available.
  5. If the system needs to be updated, update your firestick and wait until the process is completed.
  6. After updating, relaunch the Firestick and check to see if the issue persists.

Solution 2: Remove Extra Application And Clear App’s  Cache From Television

The presence of extra apps and cache can overburden the television and it can affect its performance. In addition to the effect on performance, it can also cause a shortage of storage space which in return also causes the fault on the Television’s ability to recognize and utilize its resources.

  1. Open the main menu of your TV and go to the settings.
  2. Search for the App uninstall option and select the apps that need to be deleted.
  3. Delete the selected apps by pressing the delete button.
  4. If you don’t want the apps to be deleted, clear the cache of television.
  5. Open the main menu of your TV and go to the settings.
  6. Search for the clear app cache option, select it and clear the cache of the apps and games installed on tv.
  7. Check if the issue still persists.

Solution 3: Hard/Soft Reset Firestick.

Resetting Firestick can eliminate the continuous restarting of the firestick and it can be done by following the instructions given below:

  1. Take the firestick remote and press the back button and right button for 10 seconds or more until the message appears on the screen.
    Soft reset
    Soft reset
  2. For the hard reset Press the Select button, the Right button, Back button, and Rewind all at the same time.
    Hard reset to fix the Firestick Keeps Restarting issue
    Hard reset
  3. Wait until the reset message appears on the screen.
  4. Run the firestick and check if the error is still present or not.

Solution 4: Reset The Television.

Resting the television can eliminate the repeated rebooting problem of Firestick. Although, the process can take some time but be patient because the results might just be fruitful. The reset can be done by following the steps stated below:

  1. Remove the firestick from the television.
  2. Open the main menu of your TV and go to the settings.
  3. Select the Reset option from the menu. Wait patiently, until the television is finished with resetting.
  4.  Insert the stick back into the television and check if the error still exists or not.

Solution 5: Deactivate HDMI CEC.

HDMI CEC is a feature that allows the user to control Firestick from the remote of their television. If this feature is enabled, it can cause interference and Firestick’s functionality can be affected.  In order to disable it, follow the steps illustrated below:

  1. Go to the settings from the firestick’s main window.
    Select settings
    Select settings
  2. Select display and sounds from the menu.
    Sound and Display
    Sound and Display
  3. Select HDMI CEC Device Control from the sound and display.
  4. Switch it to OFF if it is currently ON.
    Turn HDMI CEC Off to fix the Firestick keeps restarting issue
    Turn HDMI CEC Off
  5. Check the error, if it is still present or not.

Solution 6: Use Firestick’s Official Accessories.

Using any other accessories other than the official ones can trigger the error. So in order to minimize the probability of an automatic reboot, it is better to use the adapter, power cable and power block that came along with the firestick because they are designed in accordance with the devices’ functionality. Using any other accessory can harm the device and affect its working. If the firestick keeps on restarting on 1 amp original adapter that came with the device try using a 2 amp adapter to overcome the issue.

Solution 7: Shift the firestick if Placed near any heating element

Heat can affect the working of the firestick so move the firestick if it is placed near any object that radiates heat. Sometimes the TV can get hot too and can affect the firestick in order to keep it away from the TV use HDMI extender so it can be placed a little further than the television.

Solution 8: Remove Excessive Devices From HDMI port.

Sometimes multiple devices are attached to the TV that can result in the overburden and can slow down its performance. Hence, it is advised to remove the extra devices attached to the TV set which are currently not required. The Presence of extra devices can affect the working of firestick and removing them can help in minimizing the error.

Solution 9: Replace The Old USB Cable With A New One

The USB cable used to power the fire stick can be faulty or defective and that might be the reason behind the restarting of firestick. Replace the cable with a new one as the old ones have a specific lifespan and the old one is not capable of providing the required power to the firestick anymore. Replacing the USB cable can help in getting rid of the error.

Solution 10: Change The Batteries Of the fire stick’s Remote

The low power batteries inside the remote of firestick can cause a power drain that might send a restarting signal to the firestick. This might also cause the repeated restarting of the firestick, therefore, replace the batteries with new ones. Fresh batteries might help in getting rid of the error.

Solution 11: Remove The USB Extensions and Plug The Adapter Directly Into The Socket

The low power supply can be the reason behind the restarting of the firestick as the firestick is not getting enough power from the USB extension or the device is not connected directly to the power outlet. Remove the USB extension if you are using them to supply the power to the firestick and connect it directly to the power socket as the socket can supply the proper amount of voltage for operating properly.

Hopefully, the error has been resolved until now but if you require further assistance, contact here.

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