Apex Legends Keeps Verifying Game Files After Update? Fix it Here

At the time of writing this article, the Season 14 update for Apex Legends has just come out and the players are more excited than ever to start pushing through the ranks. However, the game might keep verifying game files over and over again when you try to hit the start button. This has been happening to a lot of players and Apex has even released an update stating that the issue will be fixed.

Apex Legends Keeps Verifying Game Files
Apex Legends Keeps Verifying Game Files

However, even after confirmation from Apex that the issue was fixed, many users were still getting the issue. Therefore, we got down to fix it ourselves and managed to completely get around it using the methods that we have compiled for you in this article. Make sure to try them all until one of them works for you.

Resolve the Apex Legends Keeps Verifying Game Files Issue:

Solution 1: Use EA Beta App Instead

The most common reason for this issue was actually a glitch with the Origin application. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you try to use the EA Beta App from their website instead. You can use your same account with its credentials to log in to this app and play the game as normal. For that:

  1. Download the EA Beta App from here.
  2. After downloading, make sure to run the downloaded setup and install the application on your computer.
  3. Before running it, make sure to exit out of all instances of the app, for that, you can press “CTRL + ALT + DEL” and then select “Task Manager”, here, click on the Origin client from the list of running apps and select “End Task” to stop it immediately.
    Launching Task Manager to fix Verifying Files Stuck issue
    Launching Task Manager
  4. After stopping the Origin client, make sure to run the EA App and log in with the credentials that you use on the Origin Client.
  5. After this, click on the “My Collection” button and you should see the “Apex Legends” game under the installed section.
    Clicking on the Apex Legends Option
    Clicking on the Apex Legends Option
  6. Simply click on the game to run it and the Verifying game files stuck error should be resolved and the game should run properly now.

Solution 2: Delete Some Files

Sometimes, you can initiate a proper repair if your Origin client is stuck with the Verifying game files option. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the game installation folder and select the “r5apex.exe” from the list.
    Selecting the "r5apex.exe" from the list
    Selecting the “r5apex.exe” from the list
  2. Press the “Shift + Delete” buttons to remove it from the computer and then run the Origin Client.
  3. Right-click on the game and select the “Repair” option.
  4. The client should now notice the missing file and download it on your computer to complete the game installation.
  5. This can sometimes trigger the mechanism to wipe out any glitches and complete the verification process of the game files.
  6. Check to see if this fixes the Apex Legends Verifying game files stuck issue.

Solution 3: Clear Out the Cache

It is possible that the Origin or the game cache has been corrupted due to which this issue is being triggered. As an alternative, you can try to clear out this cache as it is regenerated every time it is deleted. For that:

  1. Press “Windows + R” to launch into the Run prompt, from here, type in “appdata” and press “Enter” to launch into the folder.
    Typing in "%AppData%" to fix Verifying Files Stuck issue
    Typing in “%AppData%” in the Run prompt
  2. In this folder, find and click on the “Origin” option.
  3. Press the “Shift + Delete” to remove the temporary files that Origin stores on your computer and restart the client.
  4. Check to see if doing so fixes the Verifying game Files stuck issue with Apex Legends S14.

Basically, these solutions should be able to fix the Origin keeps verifying game files issue for most users. However, if you still get it, contact us for further troubleshooting.

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