Easily Fix Lost Ark Server Transfer Error

In Lost Ark, players are either playing Elden Ring or fighting creatures as well as each other. Lost Ark is a 2.5D fantasy isometric multiplayer online action role-playing game and it was co-created by Tripod Studio and Smilegate’s game production company.

lost ark server transfer
Lost Ark Server Transfer

Lost Ark allows you to choose a server when establishing your character, and the server you choose is crucial, as buddies must play on the same server however, as the number of players on Lost Ark continues to grow, you may find it difficult to join the same server without encountering large lineups and wait periods.

Is it possible to transfer the server in lost ark?

We don’t want to be the ones to break the sad news, but you can only do that in Korea. If you wish to play with a buddy, you must choose the same servers when creating your characters since once created, characters are permanently tied to one server and cannot be moved to another.

This service just rolled out in Korea and is a weekly batch process requiring maintenance and it also does not support cross-region functionality. Therefore, unfortunately, it is not a viable option at this point for the western version.

Constraints in lost ark server transfer:

Across reality, there are still long lines for gamers in Europe. Unfortunately, there is no option to raise the number of players per world in the Europe Central area because it has reached its maximum capacity. The intricacy of all the systems that must communicate with one another prevents the addition of extra servers.

lost ark server transfer
Constraints in Lost Ark Server Transfer

The developers set up Europe West right away since they were unable to keep increasing the capacity of Europe Central. For beginner players or those who haven’t made much progress on Europe Central, this is an interesting choice. In order to make transferring servers more feasible, they also offered a second variant of the Founders Packs to those customers who purchased them.

How can we transfer the server in lost ark?

In Lost Ark, you may make many characters. Additionally, everyone in Lost Ark receives six free character slots that can each reside on a separate server. As a result, you may create a character today and join any server with a spot open, then create a different character to play through Lost Ark. There are many character choices to explore with five classes and fifteen subclasses to choose from, so there are no need to pick just one.

Possibility of transferring gold from one server to another Lost Ark:

Although it is technically possible you won’t just stroll up to a player’s character on a separate server and exchange the gold. The email system can provide private trading inside the same server.

Inter-server communication, on the other hand, is a little more complicated, and normally requires the use of a Lvl.1 Tier 2 gem because the auction house operates across servers within a region, you may transfer assets such as gold between servers by advertising inexpensive things at a high price and repurchasing them from another account.

Temporary Solution:

You may temporarily redeem Founders Pack and Starter Pack awards on another server, but this isn’t a legitimate solution to the difficulties. As stated earlier, the Korean version of Lost Ark just enabled server transfers, but who knows if that option will find its way to the west.

So, if you want to avoid the wait, we recommend joining a less crowded server with your buddies and creating a new situation. The issue for most fans is that switching servers means starting over and discarding any previous characters.


Lost Ark character transfer is currently not possible, thus if you are not from Korea, you should disregard this notion for the time being. Lost Ark region transfer, which refers to Lost Ark server transfers between NA/Korea/EU/RU/KR, is likewise not a possibility. As stated at the beginning of the post, Lost Ark’s free server transfer is now only available to Korean users.

If you wish to play with a buddy on a different server, you must create a new character on that server. You shouldn’t feel constrained because there are 5 Classes and 15 Sub-Classes, but your existing Character’s progress will be lost. You may be able to transfer your characters after Lost Ark has stabilized the Player Population Growth on their Servers. But nothing can be said because this is just speculation.

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