Fixing the Error Code ND on Samsung Washer

Clothing washers have become an assistant for humans in conventionalizing the hard challenge of washing clothes manually. Samsung washers occasionally display error code ‘‘ND” and this error code stands for: “not drain”.  The existence of this error code can result in the malfunctioning of the washer and it might not spin the clothes properly or might not be able to drain the water out of the machine. When the “Samsung washer ND code” error occurs the nd symbol is displayed on the screen of the washer.

Error "samsung washer nd code" on samsung washer
“Not Drain” error

What Causes the Error Code ND on Samsung Washer?

There can be many reasons for the error and the most important ones are indexed below:

  1. Clogging or bending of the drainage hose.
  2.  Unbalanced clothes in the washer.
  3. Breakage of the Pump.
  4. Clogging of the washer’s filter.
  5. Sewerage systems might be blocked.


If you notice the ND Error Code being displayed on your Samsung washer, the first thing to do is to apply the solution listed below:

  1. Pull the plug out of your washer from the main socket.
  2. Remain calm and wait for approximately 5-10 minutes.
  3. Restart your washer by plugging the switch back into the main socket.

This procedure will reset the washer and error may be eliminated.

How To Fix Samsung Dishwasher Error Code “ND”?

Solution 1: Examine the Drainage Hose.

Clogging in the drain hose might be the reason behind the Samsung washer ND code error and in order to eliminate this error follow the instructions mentioned below step by step:

  1. Power off your washer and unplug it from the socket.
  2. Turn off your washer from the sewage system.
  3. Inspect the drainage hose thoroughly.
  4. Remove the drainage hose from the washer and rinse it thoroughly with the water.
  5. Attach the drainage hose back to the washer.
  6. Turn on the washer again by plugging the switch back into the socket.
  7. Check if the error still exists, if it does then there might be clogging in your sewage system.
  8. Unclog it by pouring some sodium alkaline or any other chemical into the hose, and check if the error is still displayed on the washer.

Most probably the error might be resolved if you follow the steps accordingly.

Solution 2:Inspect Drain Pump to get rid of Samsung washer ND code

The fault in the drain pump might be the reason of this error as the drain pump is majorly responsible for draining the water out of the washer. The pump can be inspected by following the steps listed below:

  1. Power off your washer and unplug it from the socket.
  2. Locate the access panel of your washer.
  3. Remove the access panel and find the drain pump.
  4. Take the drain pump out by unscrewing the nuts and bolts.
  5. Rinse the pump thoroughly with the water.
  6. Replace it with a new one if broken or faulty.
  7. Put the pump back inside and assemble the washer by rejoining the access panel.
  8. Turn on the washer by plugging the switch back into the socket.
  9. Check if the error is terminated or not.

Solution 3: Adjust the Washer According To The Surface.

The washer should be leveled on the surface properly otherwise it can be responsible for triggering the washing machine not drain error and follow the steps listed below to eliminate it:

  1. Deactivate the washer by unplugging the switch from the socket.
  2. Make sure that your washer is placed at a leveled surface.
  3. Check the balance of your washer by placing a bubble level (it is easily available in the market) on top of it.
  4. If it is not balanced, adjust the legs of the washer.
  5. Loosen the lock nut from the leg you want to adjust.
  6. Rotate it clockwise to lower it or counterclockwise to raise it.
  7. Tight the lock nut firmly after adjusting the level.
  8. Place the bubble level again on top of the washer to check its balance.
  9. Plugin the washer’s switch into the socket and restart it.
  10. Check if the error is still present or not.

Solution 4: Check The Power Supply Of The Drain Pump

The drain pump might not be getting enough power in order to turn ON. Some wire might have been disconnected and in order to examine this issue, follow the steps indexed below:

  1. Locate the access panel of your washer.
  2. Remove the access panel and find the drain pump.
  3. Put the washer to its initial state, place the digital multimeter on the power terminals of the drain pump and set the  DMM  to voltage mode.
  4. Check whether if there is any voltage appearing on the DMM.
  5. If not, then check the wires connected to the washer, they might be broken or not plugged in correctly.
  6. Pay special attention to the wiring and replace the damaged wires if needed.
  7. Reassemble the washer back to the original state.
  8. Most probably the error would have resolved up till now.

For further detail and information click here. You can also, contact the Samsung Customer Support center.

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