Does Avast Drain Android Battery? Find out Here

Avast antivirus is certainly not a new name in the device protection market and is a known Antivirus commonly used in computers and mobile devices. In the increasingly digital world, users want to ensure that they are constantly connected to the internet and that their mobile doesn’t let them down due to its depleting battery. If that is the case, you might be thinking, does Avast drain Android battery?

Avast Antivirus Mobile
Avast Antivirus Mobile

Does Avast Drain your mobile’s Battery?

In simple terms, yes, Avast has an effect on the performance of your mobile’s battery. In fact, Avast is among the top 20 highest battery-consuming applications for Android. You can measure the extent to which Avast might have drained your battery in the steps below but first, it is important to understand why exactly this battery drain happens and perhaps if it is necessary for your mobile’s security.

Should you allow Avast to Drain your mobile’s Battery?

Now we move on to the more important question, is Avasts’ high battery usage justifiable? and the answer is that it depends greatly on the user’s intent with their mobile device. If your device contains personal files, banking details, and other confidential documents that you would like to keep secured, we suggest that you wait before removing Avast from your device.

Avast constantly scans and checks your device in the background for any malicious files or viruses. It also checks the files that your mobile downloads and scans them against known definitions of viruses. This process takes a lot of resources and consumes power. In most cases, the power draw can be minimal if there aren’t a lot of downloads going on but if your device is threatened or is being attacked, the power usage can become high.

Therefore, according to our expert opinion, you should first monitor the level of effect that Avast is having on your device’s battery and if it isn’t very high, try to bear with it so that you keep your device security intact. If the effect is very high and Avast is using a substantial amount of battery, you can look to switch out your antivirus for another.

How to Check Avast’s effect on your Mobile’s Battery?

To check what percentage of battery Avast consumes, we recommend that you go through the following steps.

  1. Drag down the notifications panel and select the “Settings” cog to launch into settings.
    tap on settings
    tap on settings
  2. From the settings, scroll down and select the “Battery & Performance” option to launch into the battery statistics panel.
    Opening Battery & Performance to check if Does Avast Drain Android Battery
    Opening Battery & Performance
  3. From here, scroll down and check the listed applications to see which app/process consumes the highest percentage of battery.
  4. Check the list for Avast Antivirus and see the battery percentage that it consumes.
  5. In this way, you can check how much battery on your Android device is Avast consumes.

Typical Battery Draining Behaviors on Android:

You can see some common behaviors that lead to high battery consumption on Android below.

  1. High Brightness Level: If you have set the brightness on your phone to high, it will lead to a faster battery drain. This is because it keeps the screen pixels lit up to the maximum capacity for longer.
  2. Cache Storage by Applications: All applications manage and cache data on your device and if this data corrupts, it leads to a higher power draw as the applications have to load up everything again.
  3. Location Access to Applications: If multiple applications are constantly updating your location details with their servers, it will lead to a higher power draw as it requires constant resource usage.
  4. Applications Allowed to run in the Background: Make sure that you only allow necessary applications to run in the background as multiple applications running in the background without resource restriction can lead to a higher power draw.
  5. Wi-Fi/Cellular Data Usage: Make sure that you don’t turn on both Wi-Fi and cellular data at the same time as it can be counterintuitive and lead to a power draw by both modules instead of just using one.

In conclusion, you are most likely looking at different factors when asking the question Avast Drains Android Battery. Make sure to take into account all of the above factors before uninstalling Avast or pausing it from scanning your device. For further analysis, contact us.

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