Wildcard SSL certificate Review: Top 4 Reasons to install it on your Business Website

Modern paradigms are pushing the web to continue developing in new and exciting styles. Today, people depend on the communication offered by the internet to fulfill their various needs -whether it is purchasing goods, bill payments, finding healthcare, managing their financial requirement, or just for fun. For enterprises, this has opened an enormous number of innovative and interesting opportunities.

wildcard ssl certificate
Wildcard Certificate

In today’s world, your business website has turned into a cornerstone of your company. As the web has evolved, so also have the mechanisms in which companies utilize its features. Now, not only is the online presence of an organization the ideal way to reach out to new and former clients, but it also offers its workers a way to conduct day to day operations, more efficiently – whether it is sending emails or accessing payroll details, or even uploading their new projects. No matter exactly what sort of organization you might be, your website is crucial for your progress.

Sadly, perils such as hacking and cyber-attacks have also emerged with the advancement of the internet. When more and more data is distributed through the internet, most of which is critically confidential, the possibility of it being captured via unauthorized means and exploited rises too.

Secure communication with SSL:

Luckily, a Cheap SSL Certificate is available as an effective solution for businesses to encode their data and protect it. An SSL/TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificate is granted by a trustworthy certification authority (CA). It is then mounted on a website that enables the site to encrypt all interactions between it and its users to protect the information from the reach of cybercriminals.

SSL basically performs two things. Firstly, it validates the identity of the certificate owner. The CAs are accepted by the most prominent browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, etc. When the firms request for a certificate, the certification authority verify their legitimacy and give them the SSL Certificate, based on the level of validation they have selected. When a search engine sees this, it recognizes the CA that granted the certificate, so it shows to the user using the browser that you – having been verified by the trustable CA and are who you claim to be and therefore can be trusted to hand over the information you seek from the website visitor.


Secondly, SSL performs encryption for all the data on the website. When a browser reaches a server with an SSL certificate, the search engine, and the site conduct an SSL handshake process. The browser investigates the authenticity of the certificate during this phase, which takes only milliseconds, and then arranges an encoded connection. The site and the browser share “Session Keys” throughout this communication. These keys are only valid for one session and enable both the browser and the server to encode and decode all information transmitted between them during that session. This empowers them to share confidential data (such as username, passwords, banking details, etc.), without being intercepted by a third party. In this way, companies can protect their and their user’s online information.

Types of SSL certificates:

There are three main types of SSL certificates:

  1. Single Domain SSL – secures only one domain
  2. Multi-domain SSL – protects numerous domains and subdomains
  3. Wildcard SSL – safeguards one domain and all of its subdomains

Why should you be using a wildcard SSL certificate?

Most of the organizations nowadays, run a lot of subdomains under the umbrella of the main domain. This enables them to run various businesses or serve different operations under the same website without the need to manage different domains for each purpose. The Cheap wildcard SSL certificates are the top choices to secure a website and its numerous sub-domains. However, if you do not use a cheap wildcard SSL certificate to protect your business website and its sub-domains and buy different cheap SSL certificates to secure them, then it can be a costly and difficult task – as you will need to manage numerous SSL security certificates.


So, for the businesses that use multiple websites, a cheap wildcard SSL certificate is the best choice. For example, you have a website named “,” then you can protect all of its subdomains with a wildcard SSL certificate as shown below:


Once you have issued and activated a wildcard SSL certificate on your site, you can protect all of its subdomains. And if you wish to add more subdomains to your website then you can do this too. You also do not need to re-issue and enable your wildcard SSL certificate again to add the new subdomains. Check-out the top four reasons that are enough to convince you on purchasing a cheap wildcard SSL certificate:

1. Easy Management of SSL:

Normally, it would be a massive hassle to protect every one of those sub-domains of the main website. For all of them, you will need to buy individual licenses, then you will be required to get those certificates issued, activate them all separately, and correctly set them up on your server. You will also feel worried about staying aware of all their expiration dates. There are numerous different things to remember. Wildcard SSL certificates make it all straightforward and convenient for you. By getting a wildcard SSL certificate, you will be installing and managing a single certificate instead of numerous security certificates to cover all your subdomains.

2. Affordability:

Imagine the cost of protecting all of your subdomains with separate SSL certificates. That will turn into too high of an investment. A wildcard certificate is not only easy to manage but it also saves you a lot of money – because, with this approach, you can secure all your subdomains with a single wildcard SSL certificate.

3. Security:

A wildcard SSL certificate can protect all of the subdomains of a single domain – no matter how many you need to cover. And if you want to add new subdomains in the future, you can do this too without having to re-issue and install your certificate.

4. Flexible IP Address Hosting:

Some sites are hosted on specific IP addresses while some are shared. Though each hosting system has its own strengths as well as disadvantages, wildcard SSL operates for both. This is a huge benefit since the operator will normally have to buy additional IPs for all of the sub-domains being managed. You have the ability to use whatever form of hosting is appropriate for you by employing the wildcard certificate.


Wildcard SSL certificates are a perfect option for website holders who wish to protect all their domains with a wider umbrella-like shield. This is an effective way to defend the online platform for an expanding enterprise, as it not only provides protection for all existing sub-domains but also guarantees coverage for all additional sub-domains.

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