Hosting Review: Hostinger, The Cheapest Hosting Solution

If you are interested in making a blog, you have probably looked at tons of hosting providers who promise you the world. Hostinger is one of these hosting providers and apparently isn’t as famous as some of the big ones. If you have stumbled upon their website, you must have noticed the amazing rates that they are offering on all of their hosting packages. But cheaper should be worse, Right? Well, why don’t we find out? In our Hostinger Review, we will take you through a detailed comparison of Hostinger and other hosting providers while giving you an honest opinion about their services.

Hostinger Review: The Cheapest Hosting Solution
Hostinger, The Cheapest Hosting Solution

Pros of Using Hostinger

  1. Pricing: The main thing that Hostinger is primarily famous for, is their mind-boggling prices. Compared to other hosting solutions, their prices seem to be the best among the top-rated hosting providers. Hostinger is factually the cheapest hosting provider in the market.
    To Show that Hostinger Offers the cheapest prices
    Lower is Better
  2. Rank: Among the 32 top-rated Hosting providers, Hostinger holds the number 3 spot. This is considering the factor that they are one of the cheapest hosting providers out there with an uptime of 99.99 percent. You need to keep in mind that Hostinger is providing the same services as the other Hosting providers and their rates are at an average of 50% less than them.
  3. Wordpress Optimization: The hosting provider is optimized to work with Wordpress and we personally have tested numerous sites with it. Wordpress installation can be completed with just one click and it works flawlessly on the host.
    To show the installation of Wordpress
    One-Click Install is available for WordPress
  4. Security: The host provides numerous security options and even allows you to add Cloudflare to increase the security even further. This not only increases the security of your website but it prevents the competition from being able to harm your site.
  5. SSL Certificate: The SSL certificate comes free with their “Business” plans and they can be bought separately as well. SSL certificates are very important to rank your website because Google promotes the pages with SSL certificates instead of the websites without the SSL certificates.
    SSL provides the security of the site
  6. Free Website Builder: You may be surprised with this but the host allows you to design the website for free. You can design your complete website and make the most out of it. The builder allows you to choose from numerous templates.
  7. Fast Load Times: The Host provides unbelievably fast loading times and they are rated at “369ms” according to our tests. The industry standard of website loading times is “850ms” which is a lot more than what Hostinger takes. This means that Hostinger sites load much faster than most sites.

Cons of Using Hostinger

There is a downside to almost everything and Hostinger is no exception to that. According to our experience, Hostinger has only a single downside to its usage.

No CPanel: Hostinger doesn’t have the traditional “CPanel” that is used to control the hosted site. They do have their own panel which is as useful as the CPanel but it has a different layout. Their Panel is just as good as the Cpanel if not better but if you come from a different hosting background, it might take getting used to.

Final Decision

The Final decision obviously depends on you but according to our personal experience with numerous sites, we haven’t ever faced an issue with the hosting. The uptime for GPU dedicated server hosting and Citrix Cloud server is impeccable. The websites hosted with them load great from anywhere in the world and they are a delight to work with. Their 24/7 customer support and amazing price deals are a delight to work with. We recommend that you go for them without any hesitation and you won’t ever face any issue with them. To check out their plans, check here.

Note: Remember, we haven’t been sponsored by any hosting providers and this review is totally based on our opinions. Although, if you do choose to buy from the links provided in our article, we get a little commission off the top. If you do plan on choosing Hostinger for your Hosting, please consider using our link. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us here.

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