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How to Unlock Characters on Risk of Rain 2 [Complete Guide]

Risk of Rain 2 is an online shooting game that can be downloaded and played via Steam. It is an exciting game in which the player unlocks new characters as he/she gets to a higher experience level. The excitement and fun increase as new characters are unlocked. In Unlock Characters on Risk of Rain 2, a full method to unlock all of the characters is explained.

Unlock Characters on Risk of Rain 2
Risk of Rain 2

Total Characters in Risk of Rain 2

There is a total of six characters in the risk of rain 2 which are listed below:

  • Commando.
  • MUL-T.
  • Huntress.
  • Engineer.
  • Artificer.
  • Mercenary.

Unlock Characters on Risk of Rain 2

Commando: Start the game

The easiest character to play in risk of rain 2

The commando is the default character that you get to play on the very first level when you start the “risk of rain 2”. It is an excellent character to play at the start as you get to learn how to play the game better.

This character is the easiest to play. His cooldowns are shorter and it is really fast and easy to aim.

MUL-T: Beat the First Level Five Times

To unlock MUL-T follow "risk of rain 2 how to unlock characters" article

To unlock MUL-T, you have to beat the first level at least five times. It is a unique character. You can switch this character to play short-range or in long-range. When set to short-range, its speed increases in which you can easily takedown crowded enemies while in long-range you can easily take down flying enemies.

Its special abilities include speedy dash which allows him to run away from the enemies if his health is low or vice versa. It also has the ability to stun his enemies by throwing grenades at them.

Huntress: Clear The First Three Levels Without Dying

After clearing first 3 levels in risk of rain 2 you can unlock Huntress

If you clear the first three levels without dying, you can easily unlock Huntress. Although her primary attack is weak,  her secondary ability, which is ricocheting glaive, is very effective and can damage up to six enemies.

Her specialty is that she can through a number of arrows at a targeted location. Her teleporting ability makes her unique from all the other characters. You can use this ability to jump to a location where you are aiming at.

Engineer: Complete 30 Levels

Unlocking engineer is a bit tricky

The engineer is unlocked when you have successfully completed thirty levels. It is a very useful character when it comes to placing and defending turrets.

Its abilities include deployable proximity mines and a bubble shield which blocks all external attacks. It also does a basic attack that fires volleys of bouncy grenades at enemies. Its turrets make it unique from other characters because when you apply the turrets, they will automatically locate and attack the enemies.

Artificer: Spend 10 Lunar Coins to free her from the Newt Shop.

Pick the lunar coins to unlock Artificer

To unlock artificer, you have to spend 10 Lunar Coins. You can earn the lunar coins by picking them up as soon as the enemies drop them. When you clear any stage, a blue portal to the Newt shop randomly appears. You are only allowed to spend one lunar coin before achieving the teleporter. The Artificer can be found in the block of ice next to the big Newt.

Her abilities include combining elements. She also has a lightning orb which deploys heavy damage on the enemies. She can also block enemies and damage them by creating an ice-wall around it.

Mercenary:  Clear seven levels to reach the Obelisk

At the end of floating path you find out Mercenary

When you clear seventh levels to reach the Obelisk, a Celestial Portal opens up. Inside it, an Obelisk located at the end of a floating path. Make your way to it and unlock Mercenary immediately. Mercenary is the only current melee character in the Risk of Rain 2.

His special ability is that you can swing the sword vertically and horizontally to deploy heavy damage on nearby enemies. He can also teleport to the nearest enemy and attack him.

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