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How to Mod Someone on Twitch?

Twitch is a subordinate of Amazon, which is a very famous streaming platform. On Twitch, you can stream gaming videos, technical stuff, and educational videos, etc. It offers a very useful feature that allows the streamers to successfully manage their Twitch community and maintain compliance within the terms. In simple words, it restricts them to behave during the chat and get rid of people who show annoying behavior. This feature is named as Moderation and is most commonly known as Mod among the Twitch’s community.

Modding someone on Twitch
Modding someone on Twitch

A huge number of people join the Twitch community every day and the very first thing these people want to do is to set a moderator but they don’t know the procedure of doing so.  Hence, today we will guide the users about how to get rid of this problem in today’s article.

How can you set up moderation for your Twitch Channel?

There are basically two methods that you can opt for to hinder this issue.

Solution 1: Use Specific Commands On Twitch

Making users moderators is very easy. Keep in mind that you must choose a moderator for your channel very carefully because while you are streaming, moderators are able to monitor your chat and other activities. Follow these simple steps to set a moderator for your channel by using a command in the chatbox:

  1. While streaming the video, go to the chat section.
  2. Now enter the following command in the chat to add a moderator to your Twitch channel.
    /mod (User Name)
    Make a moderator on Twitch using command
    Mod through command

Solution 2: Add a Moderator Manually

If you don’t want to mod on Twitch using the command in the chatbox, don’t worry because there is another way to carry this task out. Follow the steps indexed below:

  1. Select the “Users in chat” option on the top right corner of your channel.
    Users in chat
    Users in chat
  2. Now from the list of the users that appear on the chat screen, select one that you want to add as a modulator.
    Select a user to make them a moderator
    Select a user
  3. Now proceed to their page and click on the Thunder/Lightning icon in order to add them as a moderator.

Removing a Moderator from Twitch:

At any point, if you want to remove a moderator from your channel, you can simply open the chatbox and type the following command.

/unmod (User Name)

If you want further assistance, contact here or Twitch customer Support.

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