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How to Use Proxies to Buy Sneakers?

Sneakers are some of the most difficult items to purchase or cop online. This is because the companies release them in small limited batches and not so often. The result of this practice is that the demand for the sneakers is always multiple times higher than the supply. If you use the normal purchasing process, you need a lot of luck to get a pair for yourself. Luck, however, isn’t enough if you are a retailer seeking to buy several pairs to resell for profit. For this, you need a strategy.

The sneaker companies have set their websites to restrict an individual buyer from buying several pairs. To beat the system, sneaker retailers use proxies for sneakers that allow them to buy several pairs. With proxies, you can even purchase sneakers that are not available in your location.

Why it’s difficult to buy top sneakers online?

Sneaker companies have always produced their top quality sneakers in small quantities. Before online stores became mainstream, stampedes were not unusual occurrences in sneaker stores as buyers tried to get a hand at the limited editions. You would then think that e-commerce would solve this problem. Instead, it only digitized the fights between sneakerheads. Whenever a new edition of sneakers is released, it sets off a digital fight between buyers that want to cop at least a pair.

For other people, the situation is worse. The website’s systems may not even allow you to access the site and place an order based on your geographical location. This usually happens when the company wants to evenly distribute the supply. They, therefore, restrict the number of orders that the system can receive from a certain region. Other times, the geolocation restriction is to allow the company to stagger their releases by location. So, as a buyer, you are only allowed to make an order when the editions are released in your area.

How businesses and individual purchasers use proxies to buy sneakers?

If it is so difficult to buy sneakers online, how do people make their purchases? What about business owners that even manage to buy enough pairs to resell to other buyers? In recent years, sneaker buyers have started using bots to make orders for shoes on shoe-selling websites. The bots are programmed to identify the specific editions of shoes, place an order, cart it, and complete the purchase.

As you would expect, the bots are much faster than a human carrying out the same purchasing process. They can, therefore, make several successful purchases when you’re still browsing for the exact shoe you want. The sneaker websites, however, are also programmed to identify bots and block them from the site. This is where sneaker proxies come in. Sneaker websites identify bots by identifying which orders are being made from one IP address. Buyers use sneaker proxies to mask the real IP address of their computers. The proxy and bot are programmed and access the website as a unit.

The bot-proxy combination presents the proxy’s IP address thus the website instead of your computer’s IP. If you are using several bots, and each of them is assigned a different proxy, you are then able to purchase several sneakers without being flagged for bot-like activity.

If you are in a location that is restricted from purchasing sneakers from a certain site, proxies can help you similarly. You get a proxy whose IP address is from an area that is allowed to make purchases. You then use the proxy to mask your IP and purchase the shoes as though you were in another place.

Choosing the right proxies for sneakers:

For best proxy services, consider the following features:

Anonymity and security:

You need a proxy that is efficiently anonymous to avoid being detected by website security systems. It also needs to be secure so that cookies don’t track your sneaker bots and spam you with ads that slow your purchasing process.


Stay away from any proxy provider whose connection is not reliable.


You’re not the only person using bots to purchase sneakers. So if you want to buy several pairs for resale, your bots need to be fast enough to beat your competitors.


As mentioned earlier, some sneaker websites restrict access from certain locations. The location of the proxy’s IP address is, therefore, an important factor to consider beforehand.

Final thoughts…

Purchasing sneakers online is virtually a digital war. On one hand, you need to outdo other people seeking to buy the same pair of shoes. At the same time, you need to beat the website settings that have been programmed to restrict you from accessing the site or purchasing.

By combining the speed of sneaker bots and the anonymity of proxies, you can achieve both objectives. Proxies for sneakers also protect your website from cookies and other malicious data mining tools. With these tools and persistence, you are on your way to a successful business of reselling sneakers for profit.

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