UkeySoft Apple Music Converter Review: Best Apple Music to MP3 Converter

Apple Music is quite possibly the most broadly utilized music with numerous real-time features and it has a handsome amount of active users around the world and the numbers are accumulating day by day. If you possess an Apple Music subscription then you can enjoy music on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac but if you want to share your playlist with your family, friends, etc you aren’t able to do so because of DRM protection. Just when a program is intended to restrict you from replicating or sharing a melody, perusing a digital book on another gadget, or playing a solitary player game without an Internet connection, it affirms that you are being confined by DRM.

UkeySoft Apple Music Converter

Now, you don’t need to panic about all these issues because we will be getting hands-on an amazing software named as UkeySoft Apple Music Converter that lets you get around all of these issues. Our software engineers tested this firmware on their GPU’s and gave a green signal to our dedicated writing team to highlight all of the pros and cons of itunes drm audio converter in detail for our viewers.

Why one should choose UkeySoft Apple Music Converter?

1. Removes DRM from Apple Music songs and Audiobooks:

Software engineers hired by Steve Jobs have embedded DRM protection on all Apple music tracks. Eliminating DRM protections from Apple Music is the most ideal approach to keep your Apple Music everlasting on your gadgets, even after you unsubscribe from Apple Music. Doing so can easily help users play apple music on any unauthorized apple device including an MP3 player, Android tablets, iPods, smart TVs, PS4, Xbox, etc.

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2. Converts Apple Music and iTunes M4P songs to MP3, M4A, AAC, etc:

The songs that we download on our apple gadgets possess the m4p format so they are accessible on authorized devices only therefore in order to play those files on multiple devices, you need to convert them to DRM-free MP3 audio format. Keeping this in view software engineers at UkeySoft developed a music converter that helps you to convert Apple Music to MP3/M4A/AAC audio format in no time.

3. Keeps original metadata to MP3, M4A audio files:

Another splendid feature that this software offers is that after conversion, it keeps the iD3 tags. An ID3 tag is a type of metadata container used to store information into a media file (traditionally an MP3 audio file). The ID3 tags could include a title, an album title, the artist (author), genre, cover art, the year recorded, and other details that are useful for the listener.

4. Converts Apple Music songs at up to 16X speed:

With UkeySoft Apple Music Converter, you will have the option to convert several songs in batch with up to 16X faster speed. That implies it can save a lot of your important time. MacBook doesn’t support the adjustment of the conversion speed, but the Windows version supports it. In the older versions, there is an option that you can use to adjust conversion speed from 1X to 16X. However, because of system limitation, the application can only use 1X speed when you are using Mac 10.13 High Sierra or later. If you are still using Mac 10.12 Sierra or older OS, the conversion speed will be automatically up to 16X faster.

Converting Apple Music to MP3 and Removing DRM Protection using UkeySoft on Mac and Windows:

Windows Users:

  1. First of all, download the Ukeysoft Music Converter from here and install it on your PC by following the on-screen instructions.
    Installing software
    Installing Ukeysoft Apple Music Converter
  2. Once the file gets downloaded, double-click on that file and follow the steps to finish the installation process.
  3. Now, click the icon to run it and register. Although, you can use the application without registration as well for free, but then you will only be able to convert the first 3 minutes of your audio.
    Note: The software will only run on your system if iTunes is installed on your PC.
  4. In order to register this software, you need to click on the “Activate” button to purchase your license and start using this firmware without any ambiguity.
    Activate Ukeysoft
    Activate UkeySoft
  5. We need to remove DRM protection now and in order to do it make sure that the latest version of iTunes is installed on your PC. The iTunes and UkeySoft will be launched at the same time and you’ll observe that your music collection will be located at the left side of the window so you can easily choose any file that you want to convert from there.
  6. After loading all Apple Music songs to the Apple Music Converter, click on the “Music” option on the left side and select songs you want to convert and click the top checkbox if you want to select all songs in the playlist.
    Choose music option
    Choose the Music Option
  7. Now select MP3 as the output format from the list of output formats and keep in mind that for each output format, the converter provides different profile settings: “High, Normal and Low” with different Bitrate, Sample Rate, and Channels.
    Select output format
  8. To propagate the above changes just tap on the “Convert” button and the DRM removal conversion will begin.
    Tap on Convert Button
  9. The conversion process will depend upon the number of files you are converting hence wait patiently and when the whole conversion process is complete, choose the “Explore Output File” option to quickly locate the converted Apple Music songs in MP3 format.
    Conversion in Process
  10. When the converting process is complete all songs will be saved on your computer in the type of format that you chose before.

Macbook Users:

We demonstrated to you the means for converting apple music and removing DRM protection on Windows however the means are almost the same for Macbook also.

Pro-Tip: If you’re unable to convert apple music to mp3 then check the UkeySoft guide here so that you’re able to perform all the steps properly.

Converting iTunes M4A/M4B audiobooks, to MP3, M4A, etc:

If you listen to the AudioBooks and you want to play them on a different device then UkeySoft Apple Music Converter will do the job for you. Therefore, follow the steps indexed beneath to convert audiobooks to MP3:

  1. First of all, you will need to import your AudioBooks or Podcasts to the iTunes library. If you’re using Windows, click on the “Audiobooks” icon located on the left side and “Add File” to manually import M4B/AAX audiobooks to the iTunes library. For Macbook users, downloaded AudioBooks will be in the AudioBooks section by default.
    Choose AudioBooks Option
  2. Now, if you want to add “Podcasts”, proceed to the iTunes store and add the Podcasts you’d want to convert into your iTunes library if not already present.
  3. Launch UkeySoft Apple Music Converter and on the left pane, you’ll observe your collection of AudioBooks and Podcasts under the “Audiobooks” category. It’s upon to you, select the ones that you want to convert.
  4. You’ll be prompted to select the format you want for your AudioBooks under “Output Settings”. You can browse MP3, M4A, FLAC, etc but we recommend that you should opt for MP3 because it is a widely used format.
  5. After setting the output format, click on “Convert” to begin the conversion process.

How Much Does UkeySoft Apple Music Converter Cost?

The principal plan of UkeySoft Apple Music Converter comprises an individual license that is valid for a lifetime and you can utilize it on one gadget either PC or Macbook. It is accessible at a cost of $39.95 and you will likewise get all the future updates free in this plan. The other plan is recognized as a Family plan that is accessible on five gadgets simultaneously and it costs $79.95 to a user. It is also accessible on five devices at a time.

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UkeySoft Pricing


UkeySoft’s Apple Music Converter is an extraordinary firmware for converting Apple Music and iTunes library into different formats to play to different gadgets. You could enjoy a one-month trial of this software before purchasing it so that, until then you can get familiar with its user-friendly interface. Although a major drawback of this software exists that doesn’t allow a user to convert videos but on the other side, it offers spectacular features that were highlighted above in the article. Our testing team rated this software 8.5/10 and they gave feedback that some shortcomings can be taken into consideration by developers at UkeySoft in order to improve the user experience and if some discount offers are granted on the paid version then they would be in a position to engage a large sum of buyers.

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