Top Meme Makers For 2021

A few years ago, it would have been hard for anybody to imagine that pop culture would be defined by images or graphic interface format files containing overlays of text made by amateurs looking for some fun at home. But that is what memes are, and they are very popular. Memes have captured the imagination and personal connection of the world. Their great selling point is the fact that they provide a few seconds of escape to the viewers from the monotony and banality of everyday life. They are usually funny and can even help acquaint the uninitiated with important social issues through the use of humor.

The main reason for the rapid and growing proliferation of memes has been social media. It is nearly impossible to go through your social media timeline without coming across a few memes of different topics in today’s day and age. There are now meme pages and communities prospering all over the internet. This great proliferation of memes has also meant that not all memes get the same treatment. Not all memes are viewed by the same number of people, and for a meme to become popular, it is essential for it to also go viral. Several meme-makers can come to your rescue if you wish to follow the meme trend. Here is a list of the best available meme-makers across a variety of platforms.

  • Adobe Spark: Adobe Spark is an online platform made by Adobe, primarily used as a handy editor used to edit photos quickly. However, a hidden feature in Adobe Spark is the meme-maker built into it. It contains a vast number of templates that can be used to create memes in a matter of minutes. With the tools available in Adobe Spark, you can also build your own meme template.
  • Imgflip: Imgflip is an online meme portal that allows users to create and edit memes, alongside help share them online. Imgflip does not require any downloads and is essentially the simplest a meme-maker can be. It has a number of text overlays that can be added to the meme and also allows users to create GIF memes. As with a number of other meme-making portals, Imgflip also allows users to create their own memes from scratch.
  • Meme Generator Free: True to its name, Meme Generator Free is a free Android app that can be used to create memes in very little time. It does not require any device apart from your phone and contains a number of simple tools that can enable the user to make viral memes. It also contains a regularly updated library consisting of the latest popular meme templates, so you do not need to download the template from the internet before making the meme.
  • Memedroid: Memedroid is among the most famous and most used Android applications used for creating memes. It contains thousands of templates that you can use to add your touch to trendy, and funny memes. It also allows users to explore new memes to learn more about the latest viral content on the internet. It even contains scores of advanced tools that allow users to customize the meme they are creating.
  • Meme Factory: Much like the previous two apps, Meme factory is also a popular meme making an application exclusively for iOS users. Meme factory allows you to make memes from pictures chosen out of your camera roll. It also allows you to add multiple images to the same meme. It comes loaded with a whole library of different meme templates, which is updated very regularly. Users can add clip art, text overlay, stickers, and other images to their memes, and a wide variety of customization options are available to users.
  • Mematic: Mematic is another popular meme-maker available exclusively for iOS users. The main selling point of Mematic is the speed with which memes can be created using the app. Further, it contains one of the most exhaustive libraries of images and meme templates for creators to choose from. While the interface can be a little daunting for beginners, it contains various advanced high-res image editing capabilities to allow the user to make humorous memes.
  • InVideo: While Mac users wouldn’t really be familiar with apps specifically for tasks such as meme creation, nowadays, there is one available for everything. InVideo is a handy, lightweight app that allows you to create memes on your Mac computer or laptop. It has an intuitive user interface designed for beginners to meme creation and loaded with advanced features for veterans. You can also use the app to share memes on social media directly.
  • EaseUS Video Editor: The fact that EaseUS is primarily a video editor only adds to its meme creation abilities since you can also create GIF memes using this software. It contains a separate meme-maker module, which allows users to use multiple images in the same meme and edit the images to the extent that they want, using advanced image editing tools. You can also add text overlay and object to your memes, for which a large number of styles are available natively within the software.

Memes are the way today everyone communicates, so nobody should miss out. They are much more than just a guilt retreat; they have now become the main avenue through which people interact and show your presence on social media. So get started with your first meme through these meme-makers!

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