Top Five iPhone Apps for Professionals

From to-do lists and project management platforms to team messengers and email apps for iOS, there’s a productivity app for everything. And, whether you’re back in the office or working remotely full time, these apps can be a real lifesaver.

Top Five iPhone Apps for Professionals
Top iPhone Apps

Team communication apps facilitate seamless collaboration, and email apps let you sync multiple email accounts into one dashboard. To-do list apps and project management software help you stay on top of your tasks and hold teammates accountable for theirs. In short, productivity apps have become an integral part of the modern workspace, and if you’re not using them on iOS, you’re missing out!

To get you started, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite iPhone apps for professionals. So, without further ado, here are five of the best productivity apps for iPhone.

Five Productivity Apps for iPhone You Need To Start Using:


Spike is one of the best email apps for the iPhone. When you sync your email accounts to Spike, it turns your emails into simple chat conversations, which lets you reply in a more natural, easy-to-read way. Instead of having to sift through long email threads with repeating subject lines and content, you can view and reply to emails as if you’re working in a team chat app.

Email App For iPhone
Email Application For iPhone

Getting rid of all that clutter saves time, improves collaboration, and increases productivity. You can also create collaborative notes based on emails, which you and your team can edit and comment on in real-time.


As you might have guessed by looking at the name, Todoist is an iOS app for the to-do list lovers out there. You can jot down a thought or a reminder, then easily turn it into a task on your mobile to-do list. You can also color-code items by priority, organize them into groups, and create shared tasks.

Todoist Email Application
Todoist Email Application

On your iOS device, simply swipe from week to week to see upcoming tasks. There are also built-in progress graphs to help you track your overall productivity. Todoist integrates with other productivity apps on iOS, including a couple that are on this list (spoiler): Dropbox and Slack. Todoist is also available on Android and desktop.


Trello is a Kanban-style project management app for iOS. It lets you create multiple boards (up to 10 in the free version), then adds cards to the boards to create unique lists of tasks, notes, pictures, and other project info. 

Trello has easy drag-and-drop functionality that allows you to quickly move your cards along the line as you progress through them or to different boards as projects change. For example, you could set up a simple board with three columns: “to do”, “in progress”, and “completed”. Then, whenever you start on a task from your to-do list, just move the card into the in-progress column.

Trello is simpler than other project management software out there and tends to work really well for people who like to stay organized in a visual way. The app is also available for Android and desktop users.


Slack is by far the most popular workplace chat app these days, and rightly so. This powerful team messenger has all the features you should look for in a team communication app. It allows for direct messages, group chats, file sharing, and audio/video capability. Slack also integrates with many other productivity apps, so you can sync up all the important tools you use for work.

Slack Application
Slack Application

Another great feature of Slack that makes it so useful is its advanced search functionality. All your old messages get archived, so you can search through everything you’ve ever sent and received to track down important information or files in old chats.

Slack is also available for Android and on Desktop, so you can sync your chats to all the devices you use and access your messages wherever you are.


Dropbox has been around since 2007, and it’s still one of the simplest, fastest cloud-based file sharing platforms around. We especially love the iPhone version of Dropbox because it lets you scan any document and instantly turn it into a PDF.

Dropbox is a great storage system for all your files, including documents, pictures, videos, audio, and other data, because you can access it all from anywhere (from Android and desktop as well). It’s also ideal for when you want to collaborate with others because you can all share files in one common location.


There are tons of productivity apps for iPhone out there for whatever your work needs are. We’ve just touched on a few of the best in this article, but any of the apps mentioned above will be an excellent addition to your professional toolset.

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