The Best Games for House Builders

We all take something different from video games. Some of us want to go on grand adventures, while others prefer to take part in races traveling the speed of sound. Alongside this are those who get into gaming to stretch our imaginations, looking to create our own buildings to reflect our tastes and ideals. There’s a lot of room on this path for explorers, but what is it about this idea that holds such appeal, and which titles offer the best representations in the gaming sphere?

The Best Games for House Builders
Best House Builder Games

Why do we Like to Build?

Home is not just where the heart is, it also serves as a container for our thoughts. We can feel cramped by low ceilings or inspired by indoor/outdoor flow. Our morning views can help set us up for the day, to give us direction and energy. On some level, we all acknowledge this, with the search for a different place to live corresponding with our need for a changed mental state. For the gamers, they may want a dedicated gaming room where they put their favorite consoles and games on display, others may want the space for a streaming setup.

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1. Minecraft:

The best-selling game in the world is famed for many reasons, one of which being its capacity to let us build our dream houses. Sure, the nature of the game might leave our creations necessarily blocky, but with enough vision and understanding of the pieces, it’s still easily possible to make something unique.

Minecraft building
Minecraft Builder House

Whether building on the highest peak or the deepest ocean, Minecraft lets players create near limitless expanses of homes. You can even fill them with secrets and traps if you prefer, to ward off the explosive creepers who seem to constantly break-in. As explored at Rock Paper Shotgun, you can even go realistic if you like.

2. The Sims:

No matter what version of The Sims you choose, you’re always getting some of the most robust home-building tools in video gaming. Enormous multi-leveled houses, the perfect entertainment center, and enough goodies to keep visitors interested are all par for the course for Sims players. Users can even turn to the official EA website to upload and download completed builds, for inspiration or to populate a growing neighborhood.

the sims game
The Sims

3. Stardew Valley:

The odd one out on this list, Stardew Valley is more of a casual farming and community game than a straight builder, but it does come with some robust house-modification elements. Players in this game essentially work towards creating the comfiest home possible, complete with pets, crops, and a partner carefully selected from the town’s inhabitants. If you never thought farming could be relaxing, then you’ve never played this game.

Stardew Valley Game

Though these are only three of the many house-building games out there, they represent a strong cross-section of what the gaming industry has to offer. Whether you’re looking to plan out a real design, build a real house in a virtual space, or just get weird with it, these games will have you covered. Plus, who knows, with VR improving so rapidly, you might soon be able to get more involved than ever before.

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