Remote Training: Benefits for Your Business

Continuous self-improvement and self-learning is the choice of a successful person seeking to realize their potential. The widespread use of Internet technology opens up unprecedented opportunities in this direction for the modern man. To get new skills, knowledge, improve qualifications and even master a new profession today is easier than ever – all you have to do is enrol and complete an online course. But is everything so obvious for business? Let’s understand what online education is and its benefits.

Online courses ≠ distance learning

Now there will be just a little bit of theory, without which we cannot move forward. The fact is that the concept of distance learning is often equated with the idea of online courses. This is not entirely true. Online courses are a type of distance learning.

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Remote Training: Benefits for Your Business
Continuous Self Learning

Distance learning is an educational process in which traditional and specific methods, tools, and forms of learning are based on computer and telecommunications technologies. In this case, the student studies independently on the developed program, periodically submitting the result to the teacher for verification.

Online learning is a direct channel of communication between a tutor and a student “here and now” by means of a gadget connected to the Internet. This format has become a logical extension of distance learning. Even though the first video recordings of lectures appeared in 1990, the mass attention to online learning has attracted only in 2010 with the emergence of the first educational platforms with accessible lessons.

Accessibility of training:

Availability of training – there is an opportunity to study remotely without leaving your home or workplace. What allows a modern specialist to improve their professional skills almost all their life, without vacations and special business trips, combining with their main activity, no need to explain that this is a huge benefit for any business.

Accessibility of training
Accessibility Of Training

You can be trained anywhere in the world, and all you need is a computer with an Internet connection. The learning process becomes more accessible and the organization becomes much easier than classical classroom training.

In the city where your branch is located, there may be no required courses to improve the skills of your employees, and if there is not one branch, but two or more? The ease of organizing the learning process, both for the trainees and the organizers of the training, is the lack of formal restrictions on the start of training is obvious.

Each person can study in another country, on any continent of the globe, at any convenient time, and there is no need to obtain visas, buy tickets, pay for the hotel. As a rule, distance learning is cheaper than classroom training, primarily due to the lack of costs for travel, accommodation in another city, reducing the cost of organizing the course itself (no need to pay for classrooms, involved in a much smaller number of support staff, the cost of teachers can be reduced, etc.).


Mobility – the effective implementation of feedback between the trainee and the instructor is probably one of the main requirements and grounds for the positivity of the learning process.


The trainee can communicate with the instructor or with other trainees on a forum, in a chat room, or participate in a web conference in real-time, which also reduces the cost to the business.

Free schedule and individuality of training:

Free schedule and individuality of training – distance learning has a more individual nature of training. It is more flexible, and the student can independently determine the pace of learning, can return to individual lessons, can skip the sections that are not of interest to him, etc.

The student can study the learning material for the entire time, not just during the class period, which guarantees a deeper residual knowledge. This training system forces the student to study independently and gain self-education skills. There is an opportunity to study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, plus it does not force an employee to rush from work or adjust their work schedule to study.

The technological nature of the learning process:

Technological efficiency of the learning process – the latest advances in telecommunications and information technology are used in the learning process. Listeners and teachers have the opportunity to make presentations, show and watch video files, post and listen to audio files, exchange links, etc. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the users.

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