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Why is your shiny new PC giving you errors about DLLs when you try to play a game?

Picture this; you have just finished assembling your shiny new gaming PC. It has been a long and arduous road, but your patience has finally paid off. You had to wait for hours trying to purchase your top-of-the-line components and then wait for even longer for them to reach you. Everything has been set up. It has been planned for months; after all, everything is here now; how could anything else go wrong? You try to fire up your latest game, and it gives you an error “msvcr100.dll could not be found”. Alas, it seems that your plans have been torn asunder.

How to rectify errors about DLLs when you try to play a game?
DLL Errors While Launching Game

But do not fret; let’s take a look at the problem and a sure-shot solution to alleviate this nuisance. A fresh install of Windows on your new PC represents the barebones version of Microsoft Windows, just enough to conduct your basic work. One needs to install whatever other software and co-dependencies that may be necessitated due to their unique requirements. The software required by a gamer may be very different from one who just wants to use their system for emails, word processing, or just surfing the web.

As a result, some files and software may not be relevant for every user of Windows. Hence, it is very likely that an architect would not install Counter-Strike on his system, and a gamer would not have any CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Software on his/her system.

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Dynamic-Link Library files or DLL files like msvcr100.dll are co-dependencies and sub-functions of existing software to enable the host software to effectively possess the ability to fulfil tasks and execute functions that its initial form may not be able to do. Fortunately, in the case of msvcr100.dll, no other prerequisite software is needed; you can directly get the file and reap its benefits.

DLL Files
Dynamic-Link Library Files

Msvcr100.dll itself is a file related to the Microsoft Visual C++ Library. Microsoft’s Visual C++ Library is a compiler for a few programming languages, including C, C++, and C++/CLI. Files and co-dependencies from the Visual C++ Library are essential for several types of software. As a result, files related to the Visual C++ Library are often installed independently of any other applications.

Now you possess the file, but how do you use it? How will you finally solve your issue? As discussed above, the DLL file on its own is nothing and cannot be executed/used in any helpful way in isolation as a standalone file in the void. It must be kept with its prerequisite software. It must be placed directly into a directory where it can be used by the software for which the library has been created. In the context of Windows and Visual C++, it would imply that the file or files be placed directly into the “System32” or “SysWow64” directories inside “C:/Windows”.

There are two directories mentioned because this step may change if your Operating System is a 32-bit or 64-bit version. A version of 32-bit Windows and applications would ideally utilize the dependencies under “System32”. Similarly, a 64-bit Windows version and any relevant applications would use the dependencies under “SysWow64” to execute their code and run the software.

Now that you possess the know-how and technical background of a widespread issue that several gamers and users face daily, you can fix these things yourself and help others around you that may face similar issues.

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