How to promote a Live Album Online

If you are an artist or are aspiring to be one, you have definitely come across a heap of different problems and might have been able to solve them efficiently as well. However, no aspiring artist faces a problem greater than having to increase their fan following at the very start of their career. Therefore, if you are looking to promote your Album online, we have gathered some tips that can help you do so in the most efficient manner.

Album Art
Album Art

1. Have an Online Presence

This might seem like a No-Brainer but plenty of artists forget to do this in the most efficient manner. You need social media pages that represent your brand and who you aspire to be as an artist. Not only that, you need a brandable tagline and a brandable mission statement in order to inspire people towards yourself and your art. Make sure to have an active online presence on social media in a way that your fans and people searching the web can relate to you. This will help you in communicating and promoting your future songs as well.

2. Building Hype

Sometimes, creating hype and suspense around your work is the best way to promote it to people. Releasing small clips, hints, behind the scenes or art related to your Album can be the best way to get more and more people excited for it. However, remember not to overdo it because people tend to lose interest over time. You have to time the hype and the release in such a manner that you build maximum suspense but also capitalize on it within the time frame.

3. Album Covers

Album covers have been around forever and seem like they are here to stay. A good cover not only communicates the whole vibe around the album but also sets the tone as to the state of mind that the artist is in while releasing the Album. Being involved in the cover design process and making it seem more and more appealing is the best strategy that works for aspiring artists. You can Customize Free Album Covers with PosterMyWall which can allow you to be involved in the process while not having an editing background.

4. Social Media Campaigns

If something has been proven to work in the modern era, it is a good social media campaign because it puts your content out there for the world to consume. If done right, even an annoying intrusion between their desired content in the form of an Ad can lead to people clicking on your Content. This is because if your work is presented in an interesting way, even as an Ad, it will lead to people from all sorts of avenues towards it.

5. Merchandise

Good Merchandise can not only lead to an additional form of revenue but, it can also end up promoting your Album to people that just like the cloth design or the way it looks. Therefore, in the start, keep the merchandise subtle and brand yourself in it in a subtle way so that even if people don’t know your work, they like your merchandise and buy it from you. This will lead to more awareness over time and will generate leads for your brand.

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