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How To Prevent The Fast Drainage Of Your Phone’s Battery Life?

Smartphones play a vital role in our everyday lives, and every day we are getting more and more equipped to make our lives colorful and convenient. We use our phones to shop online, make phone calls, send or receive emails, use our favorite applications, play games, watch movies, browse the internet, and do so much more.

How To Prevent The Fast Drainage Of Your Phone's Battery Life?
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Android is one of the most prevalent OS in the smartphone market; Android has won several hearts, thanks to its fashionable and intelligent features. However, of late, there has been a surge in the number of Android users complaining about battery drainage. The problem is so high that they have to charge their phone every few hours.

Now, the question is, how can we fix this battery drainage issue? Here, in this guide, we will share some of the best ways to fix the Android battery draining issues.

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1. Check the apps that are causing battery drainage:

‘First things first, you need to understand and examine the Android applications responsible for the battery drainage. Android phones have the ‘Battery usage’ option, wherein you can see the details of your battery consumption from the point of the last charge,’ comments Josephine, an educator who offersĀ finance homework helpĀ services.

For this, you need to click on the “Settings” tab on your phone. In there, you need to look for the “About Device” option. Next, you need to locate the “Battery Use” or “Battery” option.

In there, you can find how the battery is being consumed, ranging from the systems, apps, and hardware devices. If there are some applications, you do not use, but you’re your battery, uninstall them. On the other hand, if some valuable applications are consuming a lot of usage, the least you can do is turn off the pop-ups and notifications from the apps.

Uninstall Games
Uninstalling Games

2. Check the location and GPS settings:

See, if you have used the navigation application in the past, you will know that the GPS tends to drain the battery life real fast. ‘Unfortunately, there are a few applications that use the location services of your phone in the forefront and also even in the background, and they are the prime suspect in your fast draining battery life,’ comments Norah, an online math tutor.

We agree with Norah on this, but now the question is how to control your location settings? In all honesty, completely turning “OFF” the location services may not be feasible every time. But is it not ideal if you wish to extend the phone’s battery life. When you are not using your phone for navigation, you can alter the location settings and switch it to “Device Only”. Given the high accuracy modes, the phone uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to pinpoint the location. But, it can lead to additional strain on the phone’s battery life. Ask yourself, is it necessary? If not, you must turn it “OFF” immediately.

For this, head to your home’s “Settings” option, go on the location menu, and then pick the “Device Only” option. If you are using the Android Pie phones, head to the Settings menu, go to the “Settings and Location” menu, and select the “Advanced Scanning” option, and in there, turn OFF the “Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Scanning”. Please know that these are not the most convenient settings to turn off, but they can help you avoid battery drainage.

Turn OFF Bluetooth Scanning
Turn OFF Bluetooth and WiFi Scanning

Further, check that no application is utilizing the phone’s location settings without any requirement.

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To check the location access, you can tap on the Settings menu and head to the “Apps and notifications” option. Next, select the “App Permissions”, and finally, click on the “Location” option. You have to “Disable” all the applications that do not require the location services and the ones that you do not use or infrequently use.

3. Reboot your handset:

It is one of the fastest, easiest, and least destructive option to save on your phone’s battery life. Usually, in most handsets, you have to press and hold the power button till you can see the “Restart” option. This is not a fix for the phone’s poor battery life, but this can usually fix most things.

Reboot your smartphone
Reboot your Smartphone

4. Charge your phone smartly:

‘I had this weird habit of plugging my smartphone and putting it on charge only when the battery percentage was critically low, and reached 1-2% to prevent it from turning off until I found out that it was the prime cause of my phone’s deteriorating battery health,’ points out Laila, an educator who offers onlineĀ assignment helpĀ services.

What Laila suggested is not the only poor habit deteriorating your phone’s battery health. Some people leave their phones on charge at night for an overnight charge. But the problem is fully discharging and then charging your phone does take a toll on the battery’s health.

Hence, as soon as your phone’s battery percentage reaches 50% or a little lower than that, you should put it on charge. Further, never charge the phone 100% in a single go. There should be some space in the battery.

5. Turn OFF the connectivityĀ features:

All the connectivity features, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, tend to hamper your battery life. When you leave these features turned ON permanently, they drain your phone’s battery faster. So, if not needed, turn OFF these connectivity features on your phone. You can always go back and turn them on when required.

6. Change the screen settings:

There are certain screen settings, which consume a lot of battery from your phone. So, you can cut some useless screen settings, and that can save some power.

7. Update the applications:

It is vital to ensure that all the applications on your phone are updated to their latest version. You can select the automatic update settings on your phone. For this, you can head to the Store and update the applications that require any updating and note if that helps.

Update Playstore apps
Update PlayStore Apps

So, these are the top seven ways to prevent the fast draining of your phone’s battery life.

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