Fix: Samsung Smart Switch Not Working [Complete Guide]

Samsung Smart Switch, created to transfer data from one phone to Samsung, is a useful tool for many Samsung users. However, it is inevitable that Smart Switch sometimes transfers incomplete data, or it doesn’t recognize your mobile phones, etc.

samsung smart switch not working
Samsung Smart Switch Not Working

As you see, we might meet multiple issues while operating this app. Is it possible and how to fix Samsung Smart Switch not working issue? For this reason, we will discuss it today. In addition, this post has listed the effective ways to deal with different problems. You will fix the app without a hitch.

Fixing smart switch not working on pc issue:

Fix 1: Solve the Not Compatible Problem

Is Samsung Smart Switch not compatible with your smartphones? Don’t panic. Please check if the operating systems of your phones are Android 4.4 or upper, iOS 5 or higher, or BlackBerry 7 OS or lower. If your OS is not in this range, please update your OS in advance.

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Choose Software Update option
Choose Software Update

The OS is correct, but the app is still incompatible with your devices? Maybe you misuse the app – sending files to a non-Samsung handset. Please note that Smart Switch can only transfer data to Samsung phones or tablets. In this case, it cannot implement your order.

Fix 2: Solve the Transfer Not Complete Problem

As you find Samsung Smart Switch cannot complete the transfer, what will you do? In fact, this problem is easy to solve. As long as you clear the app cache, Smart Switch will work correctly.

To clear cache, you need to open Settings, and choose “Apps” > “Smart Switch” > “Storage” option. Then tap the “Clear cache” icon to remove the cache files. Once done, you can try to restart the application.

Clear Cache
Choose Storage Option

Fix 3: Solve the Connection Fails Problem

As we know, Samsung Smart Switch supports USB and wireless connections. If you choose the USB connection, you will need a data cable and a USB adapter. When these gadgets are damaged, you will fail to set up a connection between the phones. In this case, please use another cable or adapter.

Reconnect WiFi
Reconnect WiFi

Encountered the unsuccessful wireless transfer? First of all, please make sure both your handsets are connected to the same stable Wi-Fi network. Then connect them again.

Fix 4: Solve the Not Recognizing Devices Problem

What if Smart Switch doesn’t recognize your devices after you installed it on your computer? Well, it requires your cellphones as well as your computer to meet the requirements. It works with Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS X 10.9 or later.

Transferring Files
Transferring Files

After that, you can check whether you fully insert the data cable into your computer. If so, you can try another cable, or USB port on the computer. Besides, don’t forget to select the transferring files (MTP) option on your phone. You can now relaunch the software.

Fix 5: Solve the Insufficient Space Problem

Is there no insufficient space on your mobile phones? That will result in the failing transfer. Therefore, please release more storage space with the built-in function. Open the Settings app and choose the “Device care” > “Storage” option. Then you can pick and remove the unwanted files.

Clear Storage
Clear Storage

Additionally, please uninstall the applications used seldom, and close the apps run in the background. As the space is adequate, you can run Smart Switch smoothly.

Fix 6: Solve the Crashing Problem

You have succeeded in installing Samsung Smart Switch on your phone, but it always crashes? Some users have encountered the same situation as you. Answering a call during installation, the unsteady network, and more will possibly lead to an app crash.

To fix the crashing issue, you can reinstall the application and don’t use your handset until the installing process is over. In general, the app will not crash again, and you can use it normally.

Reinstall Application
Reinstall the Application

Fix 7: Use an Alternative to Samsung Smart Switch

All the solutions mentioned above cannot fix the Samsung Smart Switch not working issue? You still have the last effective method – use another tool to replace Smart Switch.

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is an efficient and reliable data transfer program. It supports diverse data types, including contacts, music, apps, photos, text messages, etc. And it can swiftly detect and recognize mobile devices.

Besides, it can also:

  1. Transfer files without losing quality.
  2. Transfer data from Samsung to Samsung in 1 click.
  3. Copy files between other Android and iOS devices, including ZTE Blade X1/Blade 20, LG Q92 5G/Q52, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, etc.
    Start Copying Files
    Start Copying Files

If needed, you can install it on the computer, and connect both smartphones to the computer via USB. Then select the desired files by category, and click the “Start Copy” button to transfer files.


All tips to fix Samsung Smart Switch not working are displayed above, and the detailed description of the steps is in your hands. Capture this opportunity to solve the problem, and you can have a relaxing data migration.

Hopefully one of the above-listed fixes would be beneficial in eradicating the error completely but if you need any further assistance you can Contact Us here.


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