Covenant Eyes App Review – Is this software right for you or your family?

Nowadays, there is a great hype regarding accountability software that can be used by people on their smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs. We live our lives in a digital era and we have a lot of internet-connected devices so with that comes a lot of temptation to online 18 plus websites. This is where this accountability software can come into help you avoid such kind of content on the internet.

Covenant Eyes

What is Covenant Eyes?

Covenant Eyes is such a kind of accountability software that provides two options for its users. It is a software that you put on your computer, it works for Windows, MAC, tablets, and smartphones and it will monitor the internet websites that you go to and apps that you use and it wants to look for anything that it would deem inappropriate at various levels that you can set your accountability report to and it will send a detailed report to accountability partners that you choose. Maybe you have friends or it’s a family situation maybe your kids or you are receiving their report for their devices and you can get a weekly, daily, or you can choose a frequency that works for you. You can get a report detailing how long they were online, what were the websites and apps that they were using. Covenant Eyes also offers a filtering option that blocks various websites. Furthermore, you can also set an age limit so if you have younger kids and you possess a device that they are able to use, you can make that filter much more strict.

Hiding your Activity
Hiding your Activity

Who is Covenant Eyes For?

Covenant Eyes is really for anyone that would say Hey there are a lot of temptations, websites, apps that I just don’t need to be using and you may be tempted to go in that direction and you need a little bit of accountability, hence, what you’re trying to do is having your accountability partners be equal in the room with you when you’re using your digital devices. They’ll see a detailed log of where you’ve been, the websites you browsed and it can really help us to not go where we really don’t want to be especially with children. Children would be inevitably exposed to 18 plus websites if they’ve been given digital devices. Covenant Eyes is just one means to prevent them from going into that direction or to let parents know if they’ve fallen into that direction because they have the access to their children’s conversations.

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Covenant Eyes is mostly for monitoring
Covenant Eyes is mostly for monitoring

How Does Covenant Eyes Work?

When you install this firmware on your device then it begins to monitor your internet activity. Now, on iOS and Android, it actually functions like a Virtual Private Network (VPN). All the internet traffic will be filtered through Covenant Eyes so that it can monitor where you are proceeding to the sites that you are using. The next thing that the software Engineers have done to improve their accountability results is that they’ve included the screenshot technology. The challenge for software like Covenant Eyes is that given safety settings on this software whether it is installed on your computer or Smartphone, it can’t actually monitor every app so they can’t technically monitor everything that is taking place inside all of the apps on your phone or the programs that you are using on your computer. They get around this by capturing random screenshots so the software would actually be taking screenshots blurring those so that you can’t read the text, your partner would not be able to read those. Texting about what you are doing is one another method that they are using to try to diagnose whether somebody is looking at something inappropriate.

The accountability report will then have any screenshots that it thought were questionable, they will be very blurred out so that it doesn’t provide a temptation toward the accountability partner. A lot of people don’t like that screenshot setting because they are worried about security. Although the screenshot feature is trustworthy still the idea of having software on your phone or on your computer that is randomly taking screenshots is not favorable for many people.

How Effective Is Covenant Eyes?

If you haven’t already checked out Covenant Eyes Reviews online, you would be wondering just how effective this software is. So, to answer your question, Covenant Eyes is as effective as you allow it to be. The reality of our digital age is that the internet is pretty much everywhere, we have lots of digital devices and Covenant Eyes can’t fix the children’s weird temptations but it can be a huge help if you allow it to do so. For example, you install Covenant Eyes on every device that you have but then you have a Smart TV that can lead you towards inappropriate content hence Covenant Eyes is not a permanent solution to your addiction to inappropriate content but it can be incredibly helpful.

Many people have the perception that the Smartphone is the biggest struggle and the biggest challenge in their lives so why not put Covenant Eyes on your Smartphone but on the other hand there are some challenges that are seen with the software. Covenant Eyes like any app maker or any software maker is trying to keep up with software as it changes. Google has Android, Apple has iOS, they are frequently changing how their software works and Covenant Eyes has to keep up with those changes. Hence, occasionally when you get new software out there, Covenant Eyes would not be as effective until they’ve been able to make the jump to that new software. Several Android users reported that occasionally Covenant Eyes was closed on their phones and it would not open automatically until you restart your phone. That is a significant issue with the software that is supposed to be always ON when it is installed. Let’s hope that this issue is fixed by software engineers in near future.

How much does Covenant Eyes Cost?

It has a single user price i.e. $11.99 per month that provides you a username and you can install it on as many devices as you can. They also have a family plan that costs you $15.99 per month and with that, you are provided with 10 usernames that you can put on an unlimited number of devices. For example, as a parent, you have a Smartphone, a tablet, and a computer, you can put the software on all of those and login with your username and password and afterward, you can send your accountability report to whomever you would like. If the kids have their own Smartphones, tablets install the software on their devices and log in with their usernames, have their filters set for whatever filtering level you would like and you can use it that way as a family plan.

The price of this software is pretty expensive but we have to ask ourselves a question of whether it’s worth it. We are willing to pay our Internet service, cable service, and other streaming services we are willing to subscribe to then why then we would not be willing to put our money down to pursue something especially protect the integrity of our children. So, in our opinion Covenant Eyes is well worth it. We recommend it to the college students and other Youth but if you think that Covenant Eyes is not for you then you could consider some other options indexed below that might be suitable for you. They also have some excellent software services so give them a try:

  1. NetNanny
  2. Accountable2you
  3. Bark

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