Building A Strong Brand Personality As A Photographer

To build your career as a photographer one of the most important things you need to do is self-promotion. This will help you grow as a professional photographer and as a business. Your photography skills are the key part of your business but being able to market yourself comes a close second. Here are some handy tips to get you started when it comes to branding yourself as a photographer.

Building A Strong Brand Personality As A Photographer
Building a Personality as a Photographer

Create an online portfolio:

An online portfolio is the modern way to reach potential clients with snapshots into your ability as a photographer and your preferred style. Doing this online means you open the gates to reaching hundreds and thousands more people than you would with an old-fashioned folder portfolio.

Community photo sharing sites are a great way to build an online portfolio whilst also making money from digital downloads and photo sales. These sites allow you to upload your content as a contributor to their platform, communicate with other photographers and content creators, and sell your prints as downloads or hard copies. Not only is this an excellent way to get your name out into a community of people interested in photography but will also help you make some money from your shots.

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Inject your personality into your brand:

With so many budding photographers hoping to find work, your skills are not going to be the only thing that sells you to potential clients. Inject your personality into your online presence and across your business, so not only will customers fall in love with your work, but they will also be drawn to you and your character. This could be as simple as having an online connection with your clients and people who take an interest in your photography. Talk to them and share your journey with them.

Choose a style:

Finding a photography style will allow you to specialize in one area and become very good at your work. A great way to do this is to pick something you enjoy most or resonates well with your personality. Maybe you have always loved watching live bands perform. So, why not take up music photography? By choosing a style you can continue to mould a brand around your choice, helping to interact with and find clients who require photos in this area of the industry.

Choosing photography styles
Choosing Photography Styles

Make the most of social media:

Social media is really the best way to build a brand around your skill. These platforms allow you to put your name out into the big wide world for free. Start with an Instagram or Facebook page to reach your audiences and share some of your work. Overtime followers will build up across your social media and positive engagement will follow. It may not be a quick way to attract clients but uploading everyday and sharing your best images, while utilizing site features (such as hashtags) will help to grow your social media presence and reach new people.

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