7 Tips and Tricks to Using Steam and Enjoying Gaming

Steam has for many years been a PC gamers’ favorite because it has made it easy for users to get access to all gaming needs in a centralized platform. It offers gamers a wide range of uses such as gaming and networking, all in one platform.

7 Tips and Tricks to Using Steam and Enjoying Gaming
Using Steam For Gaming

While it is not complex as it seems, there are many things you can do with Steam. Here are some amazing features you didn’t know to exist in Steam.

1. Download more games as you play:

You may be wondering why downloads stop immediately when you begin playing a game on Steam. It is common for downloads to pause or stop when you launch your Steam app. This is because Steam prioritizes the games’ network stability. To turn off this feature, go to “Settings -> Downloads” then look for the “Allow downloads during gameplay” option.

Allow Downloads during gameplay
Allow Downloads During Gameplay

You can also set up a bandwidth limit from the download settings if the game you are downloading is affecting the network’s performance of the game you are playing. You also get to speed up Steam downloads without interrupting your game.

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2. Install games in different locations:

Although Steam installs all your games on the default location, you can still switch locations when installing a new game other than the default. You can do this by installing your games to any location you want, but for them to function, they must be in the SteamApps folder because Steam relies on files found on the SteamApp folder.

Before you move your files to a different location, it is recommended to create a backup of the SteamApp folder to avoid loss of files in case of damage.

3. Enjoy on soundtrack and steam music player:

You may be focused on the game and forget the music feature, which can make the Steam experience even better. To access music, click “View -> Music details” or “View -> Music player” and enjoy a selection of game soundtracks.

Soundtracks are automatically added to your library but you will still need to install them. To access soundtracks, go to your soundtrack library: click “Steam -> Library tab -> Soundtracks”. Steam is a music player and supports mp3, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, and M4A files.

Steam Soundtracks
Steam Soundtracks

4. Remotely download games:

You can download your games remotely from any browser if you leave your Steam application running on your PC or Mac. Log into your Steam up on your PC or Mac and manage your library by visiting your game list on the website. To get to your game list, click your “Steam” profile on top of the page, then click “Games” on the secondary navigation bar.

Make sure you filter for all the games, then locate your games press the download button to begin the remote download. Your game will be ready to launch when you return to your active client session.

5. Enable Steam Guard two-factor verification

In addition to your email and password, Steam Guard is an additional level of security that you can install in your Steam account. This safeguards your account from anyone who tries to get access to your account with no authorization. Trying to log into your Steam account from a different computer that is unrecognized by Steam will require additional information to enable a secure login.

To gain access to Steam from an unrecognized device, a security code will be sent to your contact email or smartphone for verification purposes.

Enable two factor authentication
Enable Two Factor Authentication Steam

6. Sharing your Steam game library:

You can enjoy your favorite games with your family and friends by using Steam’s family sharing platform. This is possible when you allow the family to get access to your games on a family shared computer.

To set up family sharing, you can authorize another user to log into your Steam account on your computer or a trusted computer. As you share your Steam account, make sure Steam Guard is enabled all the time to ensure only authorized users are allowed into your account.

7. Sell trading cards:

Instead of leaving pages of trading cards filling your Steam portfolio, you should sell them on the Steam community market for cash instead. While you cannot make much money to buy an updated far cry, you can use the $10 to enjoy your weekend and buy two boxes of fair trade tea.

Steam, however, limits the number of marketplaces you can sell your trading cards to 200. Besides cash, you can also use your trading cards to improve your Steam profile, as it is much easier and cheaper to complete sets if you already have a few cards.


Now that you have learned a few tips to make your Steam experience worthwhile, it is time to get into your PC and customize your gaming platform by following the quick tips above. Steam remains the most successful PC platform for gamers because it offers you a wide range of options to take advantage of in a single platform.

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