5 Ways Videos Can Enhance Your Communication With Your Audience

Communication is one of the most basic ways we send and receive messages. There are many different ways to communicate with audiences – blog posts, SMSes, podcasts, whitepapers, and videos. However, videos have emerged as a popular medium for conveying key information since they can be watched at a leisurely pace.

Over 75% of communication is non-verbal, and videos create a personal connection, unlike any other digital medium.

Here are 5 ways you can connect with your viewers better and engage them with videos.

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1. Add  Voiceovers To Content

You can take short clips or footage of any content you’re covering and add voiceovers to it. Voiceovers involve following a script and speaking over video tracks, thus giving the content a professional touch. The narrator’s sophistication, coupled with how the sound goes over key information, makes the video engaging to watch.

Some examples of using voice-overs involve doing reviews of products & services, going over key points in slides or presentations, and simply narrating over static images to give them life. You can use voiceovers to go through customer testimonials and any kind of content that requires explaining it verbally.

2. Using Animations To Engage Viewers

There are some things that are best explained in pictures over words. Figures like statistics and market case studies are difficult to go over. Animations, transitions, and using engaging graphics can help break down these difficult concepts and make them easy to understand for your audience.

You can show footage related to the content you’re covering and use case studies to back it up. Video editing tools make it easier to animate graphs, charts, and create intricate data visualizations on-screen. Hubspot video marketing studies have revealed that 85% of marketers are using animated videos for promoting their businesses, and 92% say that it’s become an integral part of their marketing strategy.

3. Get Insights & Analytics

The more you get your viewers to watch your video content, the better insights you get from them. Video analytics and user-generated data are enough to give marketers a fair idea of what they’re doing right and wrong. By simply looking at the like-dislike ratio, watch time, comments, and other video metrics, marketers can run A/B tests using video content and see what style works best.

If you’re trying to find out what kind of content your audience likes, making more videos will help you pinpoint that. And you can always add a survey or form at the end of your videos to ask them or collect feedback.

4. Get More Engagement On Social Media

You can add hashtags in your videos and share them across social media platforms for more engagement. Hashtags are easily searchable, and Twitter has become a mainstream platform for showcasing viral content. Likewise, you can share these videos on Facebook and Instagram too. Your audience will notice and start talking about it.

Social media websites and online forums are terrific places to share corporate and entertainment videos. Reddit threads are also another hotspot for content creators. You can interact with the community and do response videos to and fuel discussions. If you’re trying to spark engagements and conversations, making videos around topics that are trending online is a good way to do that.

5. Showcase Testimonials & Encourage Collaboration

If you have fans of your products/services and they’ve got something to say, you can make a video about it. Showcasing user reviews and testimonials is an interesting and creative video making strategy. It enhances communication with the audience because it shows that other users are actively participating in your brand and trying out various offerings. Furthermore, the feedback they give in the video is not biased and are their true thoughts.

People love content that’s genuine and true to its word. And what better way to encourage engagements than by showing authenticity? you can’t miss that out as a brand. And when it comes to collaborations, you can partner with other content creators and work together on creative projects.

A good example would be a group of restaurant business owners banding together in a podcast and sharing their industry struggles and successes. Likewise, if your brand is in the technology sector or fashion, you can find competitors or friends in your industry and ask them to collaborate with you.

Collaborations are fantastic since both parties get more views, and it’s a win-win situation.

Bonus Tip: Add An Intro

The first ten seconds of your videos serve as the opening segment. You can use title sequences for this or an opening trailer template. There are many free video editing tools to help you out with this and if you’re looking for something better than Vidyard, try out Hippo Video. It’s a lot more cost-effective and makes visual content creation a breeze for absolute beginners.

Another pro tip is to add captions and annotations throughout your video in case you have viewers who have to watch by muting the audio due to work or personal reasons. This will help in getting the message of the video across and make your content more accessible. Give it a shot, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Translating your videos into different languages is another way to enhance your communication with larger audiences.

As for the sound and lighting, make sure your setup is decent. Not even the best video editing program can make your videos look professional if the overall recording is not decent.


These five tips will hopefully have you covered when it comes to sparking engagement. Making videos is not just about putting out numbers but also the time and quality into your content. Make it something worth talking about and worth your viewer’s time so that they tune in and watch often. And don’t shy away from asking your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel near the end of the video.

They’ll be more than happy to subscribe if what you’re putting out is really good stuff.

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