10 Best Clicker Games To Play In 2021

Clicker games have recently gained a lot of popularity in the Android and iOS space. As these games are easy to play and do not have quite the storyline to follow, it makes the player’s best User experience.

10 best clicker games to play in 2021
10 Best Clicker Games

This post will tell you about the 10+ best clicker games you can play on your mobile. We will try to include as many games as possible which are available on both Android as well as iOS.

List of 10+ best clicker games (The Handpicked List):

In this article section, we will discuss the list of clicker games. The list is not in any order, and you can download and enjoy whichever game you like.

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  1. Clash of Clans:  How can we talk about clicker games and not include Clash of Clans. This is a role-playing/action game, which will require you to strategize and plan your next move correctly. You will be provided with the village in which you will have to train your Troops and attack other villages. You will also be given an opportunity to Defence your town from other Troops. With above 500 million downloads on the Play Store and a user rating of “4.5”, this app will be a good source of entertainment for you.
    Clash of clans
    Clash of Clans
  2. Hay – Day: This Game is also made by the same company which made Clash of Clans. The genre is different here; this is a Farm based stimulation that will provide you with fields, farm animals, and tasks to complete. As you complete the tasks, you will increase your level. You will also be able to add your friends and visit their farms. You can also use the item shop to buy things necessary for a farm. All in all, this game is for those people who love farming. The game is downloaded over a hundred million times with a “4.4” user rating on Play Store.
    Hay-Day Game
  3. Egg, Inc: This Game is quite similar to the game discussed above. Even this game has a Farm that will generate profit when you are away. You will have to act according to the money you have earned and upgrade the Farm. The visuals are pretty great for a game that is available on a mobile platform. This Game has been voted as the Editors Choice on Play Store. As the game is relatively new, there are only 10 million downloads, but the user ratings seem promising, with “4.6” stars.
    Egg Inc Game
    Egg Inc Game
  4. Cell to singularity: Ever wondered or interested in how we were born and how this world has come to be as it is. If yes, then this is the best clicking game for you. You will be witnessing the evaluation through the means of this game. This game has one of the best visuals ever for a mobile platform. And this game is not only about moving from cell to singularity. You will be able to restart the simulations builder base on Mars; you will also be able to get Dinosaurs and evolve mammals, reptiles, and all those kinds of creatures. It has over 10 million downloads with a “4.5” user rating on Play Store.
    Cell to singularity game
    Cell to Singularity

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  5. Bacterial Takeover: If you love the game infection, you will not deny that you will love this game. The setting is quite similar to a disease, and you will have to create a new virus and deploy it to the world. You will have to evolve the wireless so that it doesn’t get weakened by the people. As time passes, you will have to upgrade the virus to sustain the current situation, and in the end, your virus will become incurable.
    Bacterial Takeover game
    Bacterial Takeover Game
  6. Monster Legends: Based in a fantasy world, Monster Legends will enable you to open many Monsters on an island. You can evolve them and set up different types of Technologies around them. You can also cross-breed the Monsters to your liking and make the ultimate living Monster legend. It is kind of like a mini Jurassic Park in your Palms. The best part of this game is when a monster can evolve, and it keeps the players intrigued about what the next evolution will be.
    Monster Legends
    Monster Legends Game
  7. Tap tycoon: Ever wanted to own a business but never had the chance to win? This game is for you. Indoor game, you have all the money in the world, and you can spend it just by clicking. You can buy buildings or even host a war between countries, and the sky’s the limit for this game.
    Tap Tycoon Game Play
    Tap Tycoon Game Play
  8. I am a monster:  this game will enable you to demolish your enemies by turning you into a giant monster. All you are supposed to do is click, and the buildings will collapse right in front of your eyes. The only con of this game is that the graphics are not that par with the others listed in this article.
    I am a monster game
    I am a monster Game
  9. Obria Tap and relax: This clicker game is different from the others as it takes a unique approach to the genre. You will be a ball made up of 1st, which will destroy the Monsters which come in its way. You need to tap along and make a way for yourself.
    Obria Tap and Relax
    Obria Tap and Relax Gameplay
  10. Angry bird’s evolution: Angry Birds has always tried to do something new but involving the same old characters from A decade-old storyline. You will embark on a new journey with bread and his friends and destroy the enemies that get your way. This is more like an action/ role-playing game.
    Angry Bird's Evolution Game
    Angry Bird’s Evolution


  1. What makes a clicker game good?
    The clicker game’s ability to make the user experience more engaging can be considered when making a clicker game. Also, the reward ratio must be high for the upgrades that the user wants to do. If the generation of rewards is lesser than that would make the user lose interest in the Game.

  2. Which is the best clicker game of all time?
    You can say that Clash of Clans can be considered the best clicker game of all time. As it has all the elements that you would expect from a game, but not a lot of hard work needs to be put around it. You will be able to upgrade all the machinery present in the Game, giving you more possibilities that add up to the User experience.


To conclude, we have discussed in this article all the best types of clicker games that you will be able to find on both Apple as well as Android. Let us know in the comments below about which game engaged you the most.

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